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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by A-Loc, Jan 14, 2005.

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  2. A-Loc

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    i'm looking for a strain that will give a good yield, smooth sweet smoke, and a long lasting all over high little mind and a little body, or maybe go for a acouple plants that will give a a crazy mind high and acouple with a crazy body high, a real couch locker. i really need alot of help, i'm trying to get together a list of materials i will need right now
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    The 3 R's.


    There is no right and wrong way to grow...grow to your circumstances...

    Take me for example, i'm growing 4 plants in a shelving's not that big.. but damn.. does it ever work...

    Figure out what works.. all anyone else can do is make suggestions

    Therefore, I suggest the following.

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs... I have three at 2900lummes each, for four plants.
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    yeah i've been doing alot of reading. i think i'm gonna go with one or two 2ft fluorecent lights. not really sure how many watts they should be. than i'm going to switch to a 400w light.
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    I started my indoor grow with the same questions: some strains, good for indoors, growing not too tall etc. and having sativa/indica proportions of 70/30, 50/50 and 30/70 I submitted this question to this canadian company and they emailed me back with recommendations from their stock. They took a long time thereafter to fill the order, once I had sent in the money but>>>they were in A'dam @ the cannabis cup. And guess what!! they won it!! so I forgave them their tardiness and the plants are growing up beautifully. Try them!
  6. --Hey B1! :) -Whaa.. ? -RMan recomended you SS? -What kinda info did they give you on this strain? -I just got the general info from the Kind Seed cataloge. -Im prolly way way stoned but did ya mean SS won the cup? -Do you know what indica/sativa percentage they are? -It was someone on the old forums that told me they had a 21% thc content :) ! -They sure the fuk are good!
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    Hey LuMpY, I started my indoor in two stages. Firts I went looking for the Sugar Shacks, based on your experience which I followed on this forum (generally, this is the only forum I dwell in because of time constraints).
    I found the SS at the Kind Seed Co and ordered them online and it all went real smooth and predictable. Then I went looking for more strains with the 30/70, 50/50/ and 70/30 composition and found the site. They made the suggestions for meeting that objective and that's when it took so long for them to get the order filled: they were in Amsterdam, winning the Cannabis Cup. The strains they sold me were 1) Black Thunder, 2) Amstel GoldxBlack Seed and Royal Hawaian. They are into their third week of veg now and I will keep you up on that as well. In some of the SS pics you can see them down and under the canopy of the two SS plants.
    I will go back to the kind seed co and get more info on the ss as well and share that with you. b1

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