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Discussion in 'Germany' started by goldmund, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Hallo! I have recently moved to Germany, near Nürnberg. I have seen a few free-thinking hippies out there, but not many. Say hello!
  2. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Hi :) You live near Nürnberg? Well then talk to Sabin (heaven), she's also from there :) What do you do here? Do you already speak our language?
  3. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Thanks for writing Flowerian. Unfortunately, I only speak a little German. Enough to get me by when I go out. For work I am a social studies teacher for US high school students living here in Germany. I love it here so far, and I plan on taking German courses this semester. I'll find Sabin in the members directory and say hello :)
  4. sophie

    sophie Member

    hallo goldmund und willkommen in deutschland :)
  5. Southernman

    Southernman Boarischer Rebell

    Hallo Goldmund,

    willkommen hier. Erzähl uns mal bei Gelegenheit von Deinen Eindrücken und Erfahrungen hier in Deutschland. Hier eine Liste von Konzerten in Nürnberg in nächster Zeit, bei denen sich ein paar von uns treffen werden. Vielleicht hast Du ja Zeit, in den Hirsch nach Nürnberg zu kommen.

    Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass,
    hier und im Reallife,
    Jürgen aka Southernman
  6. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Danke Sophie und Juergen! I am having fun, but not too much yet in Germany. I just meet a few people from "The Wheel", and the phishing pool phish fan trading group. I also recieved a list of links for live concerts and venues in Bavaria. I look forward to seeing you all there! Thank you for the warm welcome!
  7. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Oh and thanks for the list of upcoming events Southernman, I will definately make it to a few!
  8. roxycheer

    roxycheer Member

    Hallo!...Ich wohne Australia...i went to Deutschland September 2003 It was FANTASTISCH!...just curious where'd u move to Germany from??
  9. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    I moved from San Francisco. I love Germany, but I am in a rural area in Bavaria, where there is not too much happenin'. Nürnberg is about 20-30 min away, Regensburg, about 30. Both seem like great cities with much to offer. I just need to find people, clubs, etc. that are into music other than what's played on MTV!
  10. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Where did you stay when your were here?
  11. weep

    weep Senior Member

    Hi goldmund! *carries a big welcomeing poster* :D

    (San Francisco? I wouldn´t have switch it for a rural bavarian area.)
  12. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

    Hi goldmund!

    I`m Sabine (Flowerian forgot the e at the end of my name)! I live direktly in Nürnberg. Tell me the city or village you live in at the moment! I would be glad, to hear from you! You are from San Fran - I would really like to change with you, if I could!
  13. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    Thanks for the welcome Weep and Sabine! I am in Velburg, just north of Parsberg and south of Neumarkt on A3. I know, I'd rather be in a larger city too, but I am glad to be here. Now I just need to figure out what there is to do, esp. in Regensberg and Nürnberg. I need to meet some kind hippy folk! I love dancehall reggae, jam bands, GOOD hip-hop, even down for the local jazz scene. I just need to get out, going crazy :)
  14. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

    On the 20. of january, there is a "night of woodstock music" in the "Hirsch" , a lokal not very big but nice club. They play some kind of hippy music there and even there are not so many people, it`s very nice. Perhaps, you like to go there.
    There are also nice concerts there (I wrote it in post number 36)
  15. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

    oh, I forgot, the club is in Nürnberg.

    Unfortunately I don`t know your city here, because I`m just studying here in Nürnberg and come from another place.
  16. roxycheer

    roxycheer Member

    long time to reply sorry...i stayed in a very very small village in Kassel!

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