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Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Lilah_Morgan, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Lilah_Morgan

    Lilah_Morgan Member

    actually this post is really just gonna ammount to me rambling. Totally random. You have been warned. :)

    I found Jesus this last October. I'm basically the last person you'd ever expect to hear those words from, but I"m sincere. I'm not gonna go into great detail about hte experience, it was so personal, but it made me a believer.

    I'm never gonna be a traditional christain though. For one example I'm bisexual, prefer women, and am not about to lie and say I wont have premarital sex. I'll never fit in with those christains that I always thought represented christianity; you know all conservative and anti-everything.

    Anyway I've been trying to figure out which church to go to. I've been to several. The ones I like best are the Mennonites, and the Quackers. I think I'm drawn to the peace-oriented churches.
    The Quacker church though....its VERY relaxing, and I like the people there, but I want to learn mroe about the Bible so the no scripture part isn't totally fullfilling for me. The other one....I like it but while everyone is nice, I sorta feel out of place there?

    I don't know. Its weird. Its like since I was raised agnostic (which I"m glad for actually) I'm not sure where I fit in. It seems like every church I've gone to, most of the people there were raised in that church (or denomination). I guess I feel kinda out of place.

    Do I need to choose which denomination I am? I dont' wanna be in a hurry, I just wanna keep going to new churches and going back to the ones I like without actually making a commitment right now.

    Only thing I know for SURE is I could never ever be catholic, or join one of those super-conservative church's that wouldn't accept me as soon as they found out I'm into women.

    Now my next big thing: The Bible. After I found Jesus, I started reading the new testament. John, Mathew Mark and Luke I just loved!!! I totally had that good feeling whenever I read it!!!!
    But now....I just finished Corinthians...its been taking me FOREVER. When I've been reading it, I dont' get that same good feeling. Not sure I see eye to eye with Paul.

    And wondering does anyone else have this problem? Here's the way I see it: Jesus saved me. So how could anything else in the Bible possibly have any more importance then what came directly out of Jesus's mouth????

    I want to finish the new testament, and then go back and read the old testament, but I dont' know I am struggling! I just wanna go back and read the four Gospels over and over again.

    Oh and I am taking "Christain Traditions" in college, have learned a lot about the history of Christianity.....and am downright confused about what happened in the last 2000 years!!! How can people actually kill other people in the name of Christ? Makes no sense to me, now moreso that I beleive in him.

    Ok that is the end of my ramble for now I Think. If you are still reading this...I am impressed! lol feel free to comment as you wish :)
  2. Skerb

    Skerb Member

    i think it's great you found God! i'd think any church is fine. if there isn't one that fills your needs, do as others have and 'start' a new Christian denomination! ;)
  3. defboatz14

    defboatz14 Member

    There is no reason to search for a church. What you need to search for is a group of people who you can share with. Personally, I don't think you should "church-hop." When you do that, you start to judge churches by their presentation. Get to know the people in the church, then decide if you follow what they follow(which should be Jesus!)

    I really agree with what you said about Corinthians and Paul. There isn't anything more important than what Jesus spoke and he basically said "LOVE OTHERS." Once you get that straight, then I think everything else falls into place.

    ...but after familiarizing yourself with the gospels, why do you still choose to fornicate and have pre-marital sex? Jesus never said anything about sex but why do you think it's alright to have sex before marriage?
  4. Lilah_Morgan

    Lilah_Morgan Member

    defboats good question...cause I've never thought it WASN'T allright to have sex. Granted, it can be, but I dont' think I can say "I will not have sex till I find the right woman and take my vows" because I think when I take those vows, I have to be SO sure. I can't just jump into a marriage, because when I get married, I want it to really last forever, till the day I die. I have to be SURE.

    Plus I think its only human and natural to have sex. I think in some ways its like anything else, like eating and breathing. Living.

    Not saying I'm just willing to sleep with anyone at all though. I'm not. Nowadays I want more of a connection than I used to. Of all the sexual partners I've had (not a WHOLE lot lol) I do admit maybe half were for the wrong reasons. But the other half? I do not regret any of it.

    I think honesty is the key when it comes to sex. Don't pretend its more than what it is, and if it is more than what it is, than don't do it if the other person views it as "just sex". Communication is the key, which is what I think most of us suck at most.

    Noen of that had anything to do with christianity I guess. But you ask "why do I choose to fornicate"? Um....why not? I haven't been very sexually active in the last year, only mildy (I know what I mean lol) but if I meet someone I really am attracted to, connected to, and wanna do it....I will. I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and say I wont.

    When Jesus talked about sex, he mainly talked about adultery. That is one thing I HAVE changed. it used to be like, if some lonely wife/girlfriend wanted to "experiement" with me while her husband/boyfriend was away...well I'd do that. Now, I wouldn't.
    But....I've noticed the words "sexual immorality" comes up a lot. How is that not vauge? How is that not up to interpretation?

    When It hink "Sexual Immorality" I think: RAPE. Incest. Beastiality. Cheating. etc....

    Eh maybe I"m rambling again but do you see what I"m saying at all?
  5. defboatz14

    defboatz14 Member

    Yeah, I understand what you've said. I'm still abstaining until marriage not because it's the "christian" thing to do, but more rather, why should I have sex with someone who can leave the next day? If we're married, I have a stronger sense of security that she'll stay with me.

    The thing that upsets me the most, are the people who say, sex isn't that great so why such a big deal about it? I tell them that if its not that big of deal, then why do you keep at it?
  6. shuablazed

    shuablazed Member

    Congrats :)

    If you aren't really feeling corinthians then go back to the gospels. There's nothing wrong with re reading any of it. You can get so much out of a single verse if you take the time to. Psalms is also great.
    That good feeling is great when it happens but sometimes you just feel shitty and don't understand what you should do...Just gotta have faith.

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