new study on marijuana does this effect anyone?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Tommy1The1Cat, May 1, 2007.

  1. smokey bear

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    Its true, about 8 or 9 years of continual use will make you about as interestin as those guys who hang around in the protest forums

    Just warning you cuz they are paranoid fuckin butterball nutjobs
  2. kyndmamaof4

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  3. I write about this subject too often on here, thus I’ll keep this short.
    1. A study is generally going to be written with a biased opinion. I prefer the one NORML posted.
    2. That link between marijuana and paranoia, something about cannabis being illegal seems to contribute to that. If any of you guys remember, John Sinclair once got 10 years for giving an undercover DEA agent two joints. It seems logical to occasionally worry about getting caught smoking.
    3. A delusion may be a false thought; however sometimes it’s a label for an unpopular opinion.
    4. We are living in a modernized version of the reefer madness era. Scare tactics work wonders. If you could convince people that marijuana is bad, you could convince them to believe anything.
    5. I would think that schizophrenics who become paranoid would probably prefer not to smoke if it added to their paranoia. At the same time there would be other people with schizophrenia who would prefer to smoke even after schizophrenia hit.
    6. The majority of pot smokers will never develop schizophrenia.
  4. StonerBill

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    the majority of people will never develop schizophrenia.

    you cant tell if youre gonna get schizophrenia just by looking at your family. ive read and heard that many schizophrenics have no known family incidence of the illness. no one knows whether they are predisposed to schizophrenia. it occurs through a wide variety of genes and gene combinations. everyone who has a family history obviously knows that they have more risk than someone with no family history, but people who have no family history all still have a significant chance of getting schizophrenia.

    i think mental illnesses are triggered by intense emotional states and experiences. drugs are rich sources of intense emotional states and experiences, drawing out thoughts that usually would remain subconscious. if this is a regular part of life, then there are regular occurences of intense emotional situations. regular occurences of intense emotional situations are effective triggers of mental illnesses in those who end up getting such an illness.

    just because you are predisposed to something doesnt mean you will end up with it. it depends on the specific experiences that the individual percieves.

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