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    Just an excerpt from something I'm writing:

    "What lies at the edge of your world?"

    I don't know what you mean.

    "Do you see a curtain? A cliff? What fear drives you to never
    trespass that boundary, that limit, the shadows of the unknown?"

    It's creepy.

    "And what is so creepy about it?"

    I fear what I do not know, understand....

    "Is this true? Or is this what you have been told. Is this what
    you have learned from your people, your culture, to be true?"

    I.. I don't know. It just scares me.

    "Indeed it does. You realize that you are not in control."


    "And man is very much a controlling species, is he not?"

    Yes. Yes he is.

    "When the world at last falls apart, your kind will be very, very

    I believe we will.

    [ And another... ]

    - A flower is lifted to his eyes -

    "Do you see this?"

    Yes, I do. A flower.

    "What do you see? Explain it to me."

    It is a white flower, with many peddles forming a circle. In the middle
    of that circle is a green stem... on tip I can see pollen. Small
    little dots of yellow...

    "What does it smell like?"

    Sweet. It makes me relaxed and at ease.

    "How does it feel in your hand?"

    Soft. Delicate.

    "All these senses, you realize, are merely impulses. Neurological
    pathways from the eyes to your brain. They are as unique only

    to the pattern they transmit. In other words... Reality is a genetic


    I think I understand.

    "I will explain in the form of a question. What is white? What
    is soft? What is green and what is yellow? What are colors?

    Scent? Feel? Do they exist anywhere outside of your brain?"

    No, they don't.

    "So then, what are they?"

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