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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by johnnyblaze, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    have any one tried the new shit(weed), its called champagne here in NYC.
    i heard its real good, its pretty expensive.
  2. trailerparkboy

    trailerparkboy Heat Bag

    Its been around here in Canada, i've heard its absoulutly amazing.
  3. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    i watch my friend take two hits, and his nose was bleeding. tht must be some good shit.
  4. neongreen

    neongreen Member

    sounds interesting
  5. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    I've smoked it. And I've got some out in my garden right now.

    It's good but there are better imo.
    Quality pot DOES NOT make your nose bleed.
  6. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Yea I smoked some and my liver fell out of my ass. Good shit.
  7. Silvine

    Silvine Banned

    Champange is Dutch weed. I saw some for sale in an auction a few years back - 10 seeds went for over 1000 US. I forget the breeder.

    Anyways...I prefer my ganja natural. That is, imported from the local regions such as Jamaica, Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, where it naturally grows.

    Do you really think growing ganja in water under a light bulb is anything like their natural climate?
  8. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    hehe one time my friend smelled a bag of this really dank shit, and he got a bloody nose. it was just a coincidence, he said he gets them a lot... but it was funny as fuck!
  9. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    there must be shards of glass in this so called "champagne." i'd avoid it.
  10. sniffmagikmarkrs

    sniffmagikmarkrs Senior Member

    I always enjoy your sarcasm :)
  11. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Preferring "natural" export over indoor homegrown? Wow that's a new one. Considering that all those countries export their garbage, I'll pass on those in favor of the homegrown dro.
  12. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    is it classified as hydro or wht? and wtf? shards of glass? like fiber glass in newport?
  13. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Hydro is a style of growing that doesn't use soil. I was talking to the guy who prefers natural that I would agree with if he wasn't talking about export. I think the shards of glass thing was a joke lol.
  14. SLammon420

    SLammon420 Senior Member

  15. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica. the percursor to cannibus, hemp, originated on the slopes of the Himalaya's.
    So if it is grown anywhere else, chances are it's a different environment than where it originated from.
    Not all homegrown pot is grown hydro. I grow pot at home, in my backyard, in organic soil, under the sun.
  16. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    hurray for champagne. shits great!
  17. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Maybe cuase your dealer ripped you off told you it was good shit, sold it for alot... but it was really laced. Becuase, pot doesn't make your nose bleed.
  18. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    lol if it was laced, shouldnt it be sticky?
  19. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Any by stick you mean what?
  20. johnnyblaze

    johnnyblaze Member

    i meant to say sticky

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