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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by CTB, Jan 17, 2005.

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    hey there kind people, i am in a sense at a crossroads. i was hurt very badly by my last relationship. i got very attached quite quickly (i was even in love) and was left. we were together for 5 months or so. it ended in october. two weeks ago i met somweone else sorta by default and it is the first time i have been able to think of anyone else in this way. she seems very interested in me and i am her. but i dunno how i could move on so abruptly (go from no love to love for another) so quickly and how long the appropriate time to wait between relationships is!?
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    If it feels right, why not go for it? Do the thing that makes you happy.:D
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    if this person makes you happy then go for it. Just learn from your past mistakes and don't jump in too quickly. Take things slow and sweet. Learn all you can about this person and don't ever become dependent on them for your happiness.

    Follow your heart, just don't throw it away.
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    Just make it clear to her that you want to take things incredibly slowly. I suggest you go for it, but know what you are willing to do now and what you are not.


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    I don't think that there is a set time. Everyone grievs a lost relationship differently. It really doesn't mean that your love for that person was/is any less, it just means that you are healthy enough to move on and find more love.

    I believe that no matter how badly you are hurt by love, you have to keep trying it again. If you were never hurt, you wouldn't know how good love really feels.

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