New oxy OP 60s abuse proof?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by kil0, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    Got these "new" abuse proof oxys, and they weren't kidding when they said abuse proof. I washed the coating off and the pill basically turned into gel. I broke half off and chewed it 30 minutes ago, but does anyone know how to enjoy these suckers a little better? How to atleast defeat the "time-release"? hankfully I didn't pay much..
  2. PillShark

    PillShark Member

    the new oxycontins are designed to break down in your stomach via acid. if you take the pill and drop it into a glass of orange juice it will start dissolving. After an hour most of the oxycodone will have gone into solution in the oj. what little bit is left (maybe 5-10%) will be stuck in the gel matrix which will be a little blob at the bottom of the glass. gulp down the oj and it will hit you hard and fast. i did this alot when the OPs first came out and it works just as well as the old ones. i always used to chew up my OCs when most people i know snorted them. oral BA is something like 10-20% higher for oxycodone. everyone bitched about how they couldnt snort them and the price dropped. So for me it wasnt such a bad deal. give it a try kilo i think you might be surprised how effective it is. any acidic beverage will work but ive found OJ works better than sodas and is much more palatable than lemon juice. Hope this helps.
  3. p0rkch0p

    p0rkch0p Member

    I would and will try oj if i do let it sit, i let it sit over night inna double shot glass of crown royal wake up and slam adouble shot of crown loaded wit a 60 mmmmmmmwhat a way to start the day.....

    Mosdef will try the OJ tho
  4. PillShark

    PillShark Member

    yeah i dont know the PH of liquor but the more acidic the better. let me know your results with this method i would be interested to hear about it
  5. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    Try the microwave/freezer method.
  6. kil0

    kil0 The Rebel

    The oj thing worked, but it's didn't feel much of a difference from chewing it.
  7. PillShark

    PillShark Member

    It's not perfect but i think it works better then just popping it whole. And please do not put your pills in the microwave, there's no telling what kind of toxic byproducts that could create.

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