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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Jawjadude, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Jawjadude

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    Hi, I been lurking for a very long time, I'm a mod on another forum and it keeps me quite busy at times. My name is Tim, I currently live in Georgia, moving back to the beach in the near future (before hard winter sets in).

    I'm retired (military) - kids are grown and gone, I play Warcraft when my 'net connection is stable, I currently have Satellite internet which makes my game play all but impossible, so I officially cancelled my sub with Blizzard last week. Will renew it again when I move.

    I like the forum - of course the V.A. (Veteran's Hospital)) got me addicted to Opiates over 14 years ago.....we all share the same story, hurt back, leg, etc. Running out of our meds a week or two before refill...same ole drill.

    I turn to this forum to pass the time when I'm running low on my DOC, (this month is different, a "friend" I had over helped himself to a handful of my meds) without my knowledge. He's no longer welcome in my house btw, we had a huge blow-up because of his thieving actions. I told him I'm too old for those games - he needs to get my meds back. Now he won't answer his phone, and ducks/dodges when I drive to his house. Oh well, no big loss I guess.

    Anyways, whoever made this forum is brilliant IMO, they've combined the most popular, controversial and unpopular topics all in one neatly organized and concise atmosphere. Sometimes I find that I've spent several hours sitting surfing the threads.

    Well done!

    I hope to make a couple online friends, I'm in a very small town about 20 minutes from Statesboro, GA.

    I've read the rules, so I won't be spamming, selling, soliciting or playing any kid games. Thanks for reading,

  2. Insignia

    Insignia Member

    Hi chatter box....;-)
  3. FlowerHuman77

    FlowerHuman77 Member

    Welcome, Tim! I hope you enjoy passing time here. :daisy:
  4. jimmyjoe1

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