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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by NoVictimNoCrime, May 30, 2006.

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  1. I think we need another moderator for these forums. Lately there have been some useless posts (Lakota), some repeated posts (Radio Head) as well as some posts that just need redirecting (Knotty Baha). I think the forums would be a much more...enjoyable place again if some of the worst posts were closed. I PMed Skip about it...waiting for him to respond...but I'm wondering if anyone agrees with me (or if i'm just whining), and if anyone has any ideas for a good moderator.

  2. touch_me

    touch_me Member

    how bout you somce you pointed this all out.
  3. mellow

    mellow Eased

    Yeah we could definatly use at least a couple new mods. If skip OK's the idea we should have a poll.

    I would nominate stonerbill, or jokerman since they're pretty much the vetrans round here.
  4. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    /\ If I'm not mistaken, Stonerbill has been nominated in the past and he didnt want it.. we should ask people if they want to be nominated before we start throwing out campaign signs for them
  5. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    i nominate mellow
  6. i dont see anything wrong with knottybaba's post... just because its something you know nothing about doesnt make it a useless post... its marijuana related...
  7. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    i nominate myself
  8. can i be your running mate? like the VP?
  9. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

  10. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Holy crap... are you saying what I think your saying? You're gona get banned... hahaaaaa
  11. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    There, I saved myself :D
  12. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Except it still shows up in my quote, haha
  13. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

  14. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Don't worry I got your back, lol
  15. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    haha owned by the quote, i hate when that happens
  16. 5Joints_0Cops

    5Joints_0Cops Member

    any ideas for a new mod?


    post 100
  17. look, i know you don't agree with many of my thoughts, but please, don't just assume what i'm saying is going to be what you think it's going to be. in his post, knotty baba himself asks it to be moved to a more suitable forum, after the suggestion from some forum members that it be moved to a religion forum. i didn't refer to it as a "useless post", i said

    i do know nothing about what he's asking, which is why i think it should be moved to a forum where someone does know something about his post.
  18. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    I don't think another mod would change your issues. There will still be useless posts, repeated posts, and posts that need to be redirected (shouldn't this technically redirected to the Lounge since it isn't about marijuana?). An additional moderator would lead to more closing of threads which would lead to new threads from folks wondering why their thread was closed.
  19. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    ^ thats why u have a large FAQ and rules at the top of the forum, anyone not obeying is warned twice to read the rules and if they dont comply then they get banned, only thign is the user base within just the MJ forum isnt quite big enough for that :(
  20. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    so they get banned and then create another name and keep the cycle going. Either way an additional moderator isn't going to change the issues novictim points out.
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