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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by daveheel, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Hello all, name's Dave, and I'm a bit confused. I consider myself pretty straight, but I admit I might be a little bi. I recently got through a divorce with a woman I loved very much. She and I are still best friends, but we were pretty different in a lot of ways. When we split, she conjectured that I might be bi. I'll admit I had to think about that a little. One of the things that's a bit unusual about me is I love to wear high heels. I can't explain it. My wife was OK with it, and I let on not long after we met that high heels turned me on a bit. Eventually I asked what it's like to wear them, so she got me a pair. I was hooked. Since then, I've accumulated several pairs, and she was OK with me exploring some other things, like skirts and nail polish. Now I have no intention of trying to be a woman, and I've actually met up with several straight guys who just happen to like to wear high heels, and their wives/girlfriends support it. Maybe to some extent it's a sexual thing, but I think it's more a case that women get to wear whatever they want, and I love the look and feel of high heels, so why shouldn't guys be allowed to wear what they want?

    Now the bi question. My ex asked me that, since she felt that I might be less turned on by women. Hard to say. A guy's anatomy doesn't do anything for me. Parts of women's anatomy do, but I'll have to say I wouldn't rule out the idea that turning a guy on is a bit of a turn on for me. Still, women turn me on more, so that's where I'm a bit confused.

    So here's my dilemma. When it comes time to look for someone new in my life, I don't know what to say. I have figured out that the high heels are part of who I am. Some women are cool with it, and some women are actually turned on by it. I've even worn some of my heels in public, and gotten compliments on them - even from guys. I guess the other thing is I'm not sure what to tell my folks. My ex is the only one I've really talked about that with. I figure if I say I'm bi and meet a woman who's OK with that, I'm inclined to believe she might be OK with the shoes too. Or if I meet another guy, then I won't say I couldn't be emotionally attached to a guy.

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