new ghost recon runs slow, help

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by tool420, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. tool420

    tool420 Member

    I have an XPS latptop with a radeon 9800 256mb video card, a 2.8 gig pent. 4, and 512 megs ram yet ghost recon is still running at an extremely low framerate even with the lowest graphic settings. I would think it should be able to handle the highest graphic settings. what can I do with my computer settings and/or the game settings to make the game playable?
  2. My brother bought this game,he can play it.Isn't there a patch you can download that fixes all that stuff?
  3. MattInVegas

    MattInVegas John Denver Mega-Fan

    That video card should handle it fine. You've probably been told
    this before, but try to update your video drivers.
  4. sho95

    sho95 Member

    Stop your anti-virus and see if this would help you out. Also have you played the game with power cord connected. You got to remember that when you use your laptop by Batt. only, it slows down your cpu speed. You may also have to many thing running in the background. Hope this helps you out
  5. zenjawa

    zenjawa Member

    iam not sure if this would help...but dump whatever in you temp folder, update you drivers, but keep in mind GRAW gameplay isnt that fast like cs or BF2

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