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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by bookfiend22, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Wait a year or two ... this will look lame. Better still wait 10 years and see what you will be able to dial up from your watch or better still think through the implant in you left lobe. Not wanting to be negative man but at some point it gets too much.

    I watched Wall Street the other night, a great movie by the way. But Michael Douglas' character had a mobile that looked like a brick and weighed as much LOL. Reminded me of the first "portable" computers in the 80's by Compaq. Nearly tore my arm off lugging that damned 50 pound piece of crap from airport to airport.
  3. bookfiend22

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    I agree. While I do think the new Sony Ericsson is sleek and modern, I do also think that technology is advancing too quickly for its own good. Every month something that I just bought becomes obsolete or outdated. I had bought a lap top my freshman year of college and two months later it was refered to as "the vintage model." But still, everyone wants to be up to date, right?

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