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    3 a few months ago we rescued this dog, a very cute female beagle mix. The vet said she is prolly a year to a year and a half old. For the most part she is very sweet, never growls or bites, plays very good with the kids, etc. BUT she is naughty. She will eat/chew everything she can. Shoes, toys, clothes, EVERYTHING! And, she still pees and poos in the my daughter's bedroom. We take her out all the time, but she will hardly ever pee outside and has yet to poo. She also barks like crazy. If I go outside for a second and then come back in, she acts like I've left her for a week! I have trouble calming her down. If anyone has expertise in training naughty dogs or if you know of any resources I could use, PLEASE HELP!! She is so sweet, but is making us all crazy!
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    I work in an animal hospital and I have done volunteer work at the ASPCA in New York.
    I'll do my best to find info for you to tell you exactly what to do, ok?
    You have to have to give her time, but at the same time you have to set the rules right away and little by little she will get used to them.
    There is in the market a product called "BitterApple" (or something like that) and what you do you spray it on the items that she usually chews on and that causes a bitter sensation. That usually helps.
    But you should def. ask a vet.

    I hope my 2 cents were helpful!

    This is my Angus! life!

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    I suppose dog training is necessary... good to do while the dog is still young...

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