New dawn

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Pellinore, Feb 16, 2009.

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    As i fly away,
    under the shining sun,
    as i wander, reaching,
    the moon and the stars,
    as I close my eyes,
    and dream,
    of what could have been,
    as I try to shape my dreams,
    into something new,
    On the slow beat of my heart,
    forces collide,
    as i forge the cruel earth,
    into my ideal world,
    the world that escaped,
    into my dreams.
    If everyone would share this same dream,
    then maybe,
    the light of the sun,
    wouldn't be obscured,
    by sorrow,
    and the sound of the wind that stirs our hearts,
    would again be heared.

    we all have our utopic world,
    deep within our hearts,
    denying its existence,
    we wander in the dark,
    a path we cannot see,
    if only we would wish,
    for something better.
    then maybe,
    there was a place,
    with perfect happyness.
    a place,
    we could embrace and call,

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