New club banger "cruynchin" by "Nitty Gritty"!! ((Free download))

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop and Rap' started by trymeifyawana, May 16, 2007.

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    New club banger from "Nitty Gritty" titled (crunchin)! This has potential to be real real big!! You can mixtape it or whatever!! IF YOU NEED DROPS,LEAVE YA EMAIL ADDRESS!

    Give me some feedback on it!! (((check Nitty Gritty out in the march 2007 source magazine)))

    Club DJs, introduce this as the last song of the night as people are walking out the club. After a few weeks, they'll be requesting it...believe me!!! LET's BREAK THIS!!!!!

    ((file has been re-uploaded)) " The numbers have rolled over 3 times on the downloads for this record so far"!!!!

    Thanx 4 the support!

    club ready:

    produced by: dulaa (901)362-6851

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