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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by MrGruber, May 16, 2013.

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    Ok, new part time barefooter here. So I figured I'd try and attempt minimalist running. It started out innocently enough with my children running back and forth in the house, and me participating with them. All of us were barefoot. So easy to be light on my feet when I don't have anything covering them. Well, I didn't realize that it would change my life as much as it has. This changed to going out for a quick run around the block in a new pair of VFFs, though the temperatures were extreme. Too extreme for anything more than this. Barefoot would have just been plain stupid as the temperatures were well below zero (I live a few hundred km south of the arctic circle). So as things warmed up a bit I started experimenting taking the compost outside in my barefeet, and just walking around on the deck or between the house and shop. Temps were still below freezing though so only a few minutes at a time.

    After a little while I noticed that my feet were getting wider and I was able to spread my toes apart further and wiggle them with more agility. Great for gripping the ground with those little toes. It was almost immediately noticeable that my shoes didn't fit anymore width wise. And that if I were to wear them for any real length of time my feed would feel quite cramped and uncomfortable. I ended up having to go up half a size, and they still feel a little cramped. You should have seen the salesgirl in the skate shop in town when I tried on almost every pair of skate shoes (I've heard they are usually zero drop with wide toe boxes) and didn't find a pair that was wide enough. I didn't try on a pair that was 1 size larger than I used to wear. I've recently ordered a pair of VivoBarefoot shoes as they are touted as having a wide enough toebox for us types. Can't wait until they arrive in the mail and I get to walk around downtown in those minimalist shoes.

    My location, I have ready access to Precambrian shield rock. I've always loved walking on the rocks with it's contours and unevenness. Last night I kicked off my shoes and socks and went for an enjoyable walk on them barefoot for the first time. The lichen crackling underfoot. Every contour felt. What a sensory experience! And even though it was only around 10 degrees C, my feet did not feel one bit cold. They do have some toughening up to do though as the rock is quite rough.

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    OK, so I'm thinkin' here...could this be...I mean...could it REALLY be....y'all don't laff now or nothin'...SANTA???

    I mean...from his description...well....maybe it COULD be...after all, Santa's gotta get "with it" at SOME point...those boots has GOT TO BE achin' him BAD... two cents...('course now I gotta be DAMNSURE I'm good all the rest of the year)

    SAY HOWDY TO DONDER AND BLITZEN and Sleepy and Doc and Dumbo and...

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