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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by bcmama, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. bcmama

    bcmama Banned

    I'm trying to develop a line of shampoo bars and I need your input. I have a great basic recipe to play with, and I am trying to decide on what herbs & essential oils, etc I should add.

    What are your favourite smells for your locks?
    eg: lavender, peppermint, patchouli...any essential oil you like

    Do you have issues with any of the following:

    dry scalp and/or itchy scalp
    oily dreads/hair
    dry and/or brittle dreads/hair
    damaged dreads/hair from dying/bleaching
    smelly dreads from work, cigarettes, etc
    mould/fungus from wet dreads

    All my soaps will be vegetarian friendly, but who would prefer a vegan friendly shampoo bar?

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. I always liked scentless soaps myself but if i had to choose a scent it would have to be lavender, nothing more stimulating to the senses then lavender for me, as for vegan soap, never tried it but if there was some around i probably would, id say for me im one of the ones who jumps between oily scalp and dry scalp, winters i get dry scalp for some reason (maybe from the electric heat) and summer i get oily as heck. I often wonder if sage could be used as a scent, but from what ive heard the oils are rough on skin, what do you think?? Not to get off topic but i noticed your screen name is bcmama, you ever been to nelson or the shambhala music festival??
  3. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    Hi there! I think what your doing is great! I would prefer a vegan bar with lavendar scent. Actually...would lavendar/peppermint work? I bet that would smell nice. I like real earthy smells. AS far as my dread issues, I have real bad dandruff and itchiness. My partner has mold issues when his dreads are wet....they smell like wet dog. Its pretty gross. What would work for that? tea tree oil? Maybe a tea tree oil based vegan bar would work on his dreads. Anywhoo.....lemme know when youve perfected the art and I'll def try some!
  4. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    dry n flakety
    when i blow dry which i gottas in winter my dreads get dreally dry and stiff almost hard
    teatree and rosemary i like patchouli too
    are they hemp based? id preffer hemp based
  5. hellodreadhead

    hellodreadhead Beta as fuck

    Rose scents always do it for me. As does Lavendar. Some shampoo to make dreads less dry would be cool I'm getting rid of the bleach and need soft locks :)
  6. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    tea tree and lavender have been shown to have estrogenic properties and thus as a bloke I try to avoid them. I like melon scented things but i don't think there's a melon oil.
  7. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    i havent smelled many of those things, and i have trouble describing smell, but i will post when i know what it is.

    i get annoyed by mild dandruff or mild itchy scalp at times, but a wash fixes it.

    you might as well go vegen with your soap so you dont cut out a group of potential buyers
  8. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    i have bad dandruff, and i have some soap now that smells like pecan pie or something of the sort. its amazing. but basically anything thats all natural. tea tree oil, and various oils. hemp stuff is good.
  9. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    I like the smell of green tea. VO5 has a green tea shampoo and I buy it becuase it smells so orgasmic.
  10. ThePmiester

    ThePmiester Member

    I would opt for a vegan bar ;)
    I love rosemary & patchouli too ;)
    Great idea :)
  11. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass

    Ohh sounds awesome :) I'll give those a try ^^

    I'd prefer a vegan one :)

    And rose or lavender would be awesome... Or something orangey?! xD I wish I could smell all the oils in Holland and Barrett!!

    I occasionaly have a problem with dandruff but I dont know whether thats because of my dreadheadHQ shampoo... I think I have a little mold in a few, but I'm not sure... It doesn't smell, but something that could get rid of it/ prevent it would be perfect :)
  12. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    I like different scents for different seasons because I'm lame like that ^-^ I'm just finishing a christmasst cinnamon shampoo bar-yummy! you could put some myrhh (i love that smell) for summer, I like light and zesty scents like sweet orange or lemon. Autumn; sandalwood and tea-tree. spring; rose <333 haah this will be fun! I suggest cocoa butter to moisturise them :)
  13. dreadedsunflower

    dreadedsunflower Senior Member

    I have really dry dreads from where i bleached my hair late 2007 from red to white I would love to buy some when your done with it. it sounds awesome. Please keep me posted.

    Good luck
  14. spiralmama

    spiralmama Member

    I love anything orange. :)
  15. bcmama

    bcmama Banned

    Yep, we went in 2005, and if all goes as planned, we will be there this year. I'm in the koots too, in Nakusp. :)
  16. bcmama

    bcmama Banned

    Yes, my basic recipe is hemp based-I love that plant! :)
  17. bcmama

    bcmama Banned

    Thanks so much guys! Keep the brainstorm going....:)
  18. dreadedsunflower

    dreadedsunflower Senior Member

    The hemp plant is one amazing thing. :)
  19. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    lemon balb
    licorice root
    lux i love myrrh too
    \u could do a floral one too hibiscus rfose
    i used to have a canabis incence that smelled not like weed but flowerty dunno if it had real canabis in iot or not

    i there any sorta homeopathics that are good for dandruff or psoriasis? would be awesome to have a homeopathic type "medicated" dandruf shampoo
    unfortunatekly i dont know enough to know if there is anything or not
    back on track though..

    do u know what copal is?
  20. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    sweet grass sage and cedar for a more spiritualy cleansing scent

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