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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by nesta, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i think the RC most interesting to me at the moment is DPT, but i'd like to find various RELIABLE sources to compare prices. i have one source that a forum member has already shared with me, but i'd like a few others so i can see if there's a better deal out there. i can stand this price (less than 25 bucks for one oral dose if i buy a whole gram) but due to high prices and high dosages, i'd like to be able to compare.....

    please PM me if you have details.

    any other reliable sources for various RCs will be appreciated as well, but i'd love comments regarding how reliable they may or may not be. however, DPT or DPT freebase is most interesting to me.
  2. Bassist

    Bassist Gate crasher!

    aren't the good RCs illegal now?
  3. nesta

    nesta Banned

    it depends on what you value in a substance, besides, even if its illegal apparently many places will still send a -few- substances (such as 2C-T-7) into the US....but a good deal of the more recreationally usable, cheap substances such as "foxy methoxy" and AMT are illegal now, yes. that doesnt mean all of these substances are illegal and that the "legal" ones dont still have some value. DPT, for example, is much like DMT in its characteristics, as TiHKAL and erowid reports would indicate. however it is orally active without an maoi, making it more accessible. the downside is the dose is pretty high, and the site i am considering ordering from would be somewhat expensive compared to how much it would cost per dose of something with a lower dosage, such as 2C-I....unfortunately while i would like to experience 2C-I, i would not expect it to be as spiritually useful as something like DPT (which even has had a church established which used/uses {i dont know if they're still around} DPT as a sacrament)....i'd expect 2C-I to be more of a "fun drug" like 2C-B is, though i know this is a wrong assumption to make.
  4. Weatherman

    Weatherman Member

    I'm also interested in finding some DPT. I read an excerpt from a book called Breaking Open Your Head (or something like that) where a guy describes his experience with it as something of an occult drug. Time travel, aliens, Easter Island. I dig that shit.

    I have found one reliable supplier as well. It's probably the same one you got. Prices suck. Their 2C prices suck compared to my other sources, but of my sources they're the only ones that supply DPT.
  5. nesta

    nesta Banned

    people sent me a good source, and i think i sent it to you, weatherman.

    the source offers both DPT HCl and DPT freebase oil. the DPT HCl may be eaten (poor results for most people, from what i hear outside of TiHKAL), snorted or injected. measuring an IM or IV dose would be easy enough when making a solution, but i have no experience with needles, no way to ensure everything is sterile and pure, so injection is definitely out for me. i don't have an accurate enough scale to measure an insufflated dose as for obvious reasons you'll need to keep it in a powder form. drinking the HCl form in a solution sounds alright from the TiHKAL reports, but it takes a high dosage and from other anecdotal sources i hear its quite a bit less reliable than other routes of administration, and while i'd like to try it i think i'd rather first get a more solid, shorter lasting experience or two under my belt. so i'm thinking the freebase oil might be a good bet. adding it to parsley (to make it easier to smoke and handle) seems like a pretty common means of smoking it, but I would need to thin out the freebase oil with some form of solvent to get it on the parsley well, i'd think. if it's an oil, it won't be soluble in water. its just i dont know much about the chemistry of it and dont want to do anything to ruin it....but does anyone know, could i add it to just enough 99% isopropyl alcohol to thin it to the point of being able to apply it to the parsley, let this dry out completely in a cool area with a fan, and then use the parsley? this won't cause any chemical reaction or degradation, will it?
  6. Weatherman

    Weatherman Member

    Not sure, but I think tooting it comes as a pretty recommended route. That's what the guy in the book I read did. He also mentioned eating it sucks.
  7. nesta

    nesta Banned

    from what i've read, people -generally- feel the "best" effects, in descending order, from IM injection, insufflation/smoking (seems to be a toss up which people recommend...many say insufflation of this will cause ungodly pain), eating with an MAOI, eating alone

    i think it was murple on bluelight (i THINK) who suggested eating it works well for most people in the 50-150mg range, and its the only way he'll take it anymore. but tihkal says as high as 250mg is needed, and many other people say it doesn't work well or that it provides a less desirable feeling. i saw one guy report that orally it was much more like 5-MeO-DMT than DMT. most people agree that it works well at around 50-75mg with an maoi, i believe. perhaps it would be a nice addition to that type of combo if you were taking one, i dont know. at any rate, due to reports of terrible pain and the fact that i have no means of measuring such small amounts of a drug in a dry state, i'd rather get the freebase so i can smoke it. just add it to parsley or whatever and weigh the resulting stuff and figure out how much of the DPT-laced parsley would need to be smoked in order to acheive full effects. many hardcore psychonauts say insufflation is preferable to smoking because you never know how much you lose when you smoke it, and also because when insufflated its not so much the less than one hour rocketship flight to andromeda type experience as a 3 hour or less, slightly less intense trip with many of the same features but more laid back, a slower onset (i think like 15 minutes?) etc. these are both reasons i would -prefer- insufflation, if it were possible for me. but this stuff is strong, and it can tear you a new asshole....its not like messing up and accidentally cutting off 4 hits of acid instead of three....screwing up an insufflated dosage of this stuff can be least if you screw up with smoking it you probably will be screwing up by getting a little less than you expected, and if its an overdose the trip will be over sooner than with insufflation.
  8. nesta

    nesta Banned

    check my other post you responded to...i dont think DPT is scheduled, but maybe you're right

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