Need some help for the 07 growing season

Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by noob_grower, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. noob_grower

    noob_grower Member

    hey ya'll, im new to the site and to growing, but me and my bud are fixin on growin us a few plants this summer. we would be guerilla growing somewhere out by my buddys house in the boonies. the last scheduled frost for the area is march 7th and the first frost is gonna be sometime in late september. many people in the area have not been able to accomplish the task, and i only no of a few who have, not sure if it was from the lack of knowledge on the subject or just the bad weather and short season here somewhere around 144 days. me and my bud currently only have 3 seeds of unknown strain, but are trying to get some more because i no the odds would not be two good. we would first soak are seeds in moist papertowels and then move them to those deccomposible pots for a week or twoo then into the ground for the rest of teh summer. we would be using the soil present, bags of potting soil, some compost from nearby and possibly some horse manure from the neighbors. i was wondering what the odds were if we only ended up with three seeds, that we would have atleast one plant? i was also wondering if the soil mixture and the rest of my plan would work out? and if you could possibly throw me and my bud some tips and advice on teh whole proccess. i was also reading about how to make your bud smell like different fruits and things, and was wondering what the best way to go about this would be if at all possible, only because a local dealer had some blueberrie shit and sold it like crazy, and if possible i was wondering if either of the techniques i read about worked. the first being mixing in fruit concentrate in with the water in the last week before harvest, and the second being throwing in an orange peel for example into the paper bags when curing. the orange peel technique seems the best but i was wondering how effective this is, all i want is to be able to smell a hint of the orange. i know i shouldnt be worried about this yet because im not sure if i will even have a yeild, but i was just wondering. please share any tips or aadvice and any flaws you see in our plan.

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    You are really getting into something you might not realize here. I suggest you do a TON of research before you undertake this because there is alot more involved than you realize.
  3. BudBill

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    My Man,

    The King sez it all. You need to get a good book.

    Seeds are usually a 50% male or female.

    Outdoors with three seeds. Between rabbits, deer and pests you may want to consider a few more - assuming all 3 germinate. You would be better off growing them inside then clone and flower to sex them. You will then know what you are planting or run a seed crop.

    Blueberry has a natural fruity flavor. I wouldn't mix fruit concentrate in with watering as it will throw the pH off but I have heard of orange peels in the curing jar for a hint of the smell. I wouldn't do it due to risk of mold.

    Concentrate on just having a sucessful grow and after you have learned the basic advance from there.

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