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Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by mixed_girl_87, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. mixed_girl_87

    mixed_girl_87 Member

    ok sometimes when my boyfriend fingers me it feels like im about to pee but i kno for a fact that im not going to [[i use the bathroom, shower and all that before he comes over]]...some people told me its because he is fingering me and its close to my bladder and other people say that its because he is hittin my g spot. i also heard that if u get this feeling it means u [[squirt]]..?? is this true? and do any other girls have this feeling or if any boys r reading this do your girlfriends have this feeling?

    please help. thanxx..i really wanna kno about the part that is colored...[[i think it is kinda weird]]

    i posted this in other forums but no one answered
  2. seaweedyness

    seaweedyness Member

    there was already a forum about this that you should definately check out. i had the same question, and it answered it completely. It should be listed under the Genetalia section somewhere :)
  3. mixed_girl_87

    mixed_girl_87 Member

    do u remember what it was called?
  4. try to rrelax more, does your boy friend use a lubricant? try one, he's supposed to be ggentle annd your supposed to be relaxed, if its uncomfortable ask him to change positions or locations, do you get the same feelings when you do it yourself?
  5. mixed_girl_87

    mixed_girl_87 Member

    it doesnt hurt or anything. and yea it feels the same way when i do it
  6. does it kind of sting a bit? do you use a lubbricant? are you uptight, not relaxed? make surre your hansd or whatever yourr uusing is clean
  7. BigKing

    BigKing Member

    He's hitting your G spot, don’t worry about it, just ride the feeling, in time if you let yourself you'll probably have quite a strong vaginal orgasm and might even ejaculate a little (or even a lot hehe).

    This link should help -

  8. not sure he's hitting the g spot it can be a hard spot to find, but i do think the guy above has a good point, stop worrying so much as long as your clean and loobed go for it, relax open your legs wide and enjjoy the moment, great if you can have an orgasm but its still nice if you don't, practice on yourself, the more practice you do the better you get, take care and enjoy
  9. zpiper

    zpiper Member

    stimulating the g-spot can most deffinately cause the sensation of having to pee
  10. oral_mark

    oral_mark Member

    keep at it with lots of lube and you WILL squirt.

    It will definately be worth the effort.

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