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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by LEZZYLOVr, May 4, 2013.


    LEZZYLOVr Guest

    My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year. Love has been good to us, but we've both gained some weight. She weighs about 250 and wears a size 26. I weigh about 220 and wear a size 24. We have amazing sex! But...sometimes its hard with our sizes. She likes me to ride her on top of the strap on. Which I love but its hard for me to straddle her. Does anyone have some advice for new positions to spice up our sex life? Positions or ideas for a little bit bigger gals?*Also. ..I've heard a lot about scissoring...this is something we have never done but I'd like to try. I don't see how itit's possible to grind eac other's clits hard enough to cum. ..maybe I don't understand how to do the position. Lol.:eek:
  2. Lilly88

    Lilly88 Guest

    Hello there!! Can I just start that it is definatley possible to rub your clits to make each other cum...(this is the main move me and my girl do) you are missing out ;-). This can be achieved from all various ways. The one you mentioned scissoring - when your both sitting down and angle your legs in a position over one another so your clits are rubbing against (best to do this when your both really wet - the feeling is immense). My girl will also lie flat on the bed while I ride her (again rubbing clits agaianst one another) we also enjoy rubbing each others clits on arse cheeks. Another great one is have one of you lying on your back he other gets on top (reverse cowgirl way - but laying on top) getting your clits to touch and rocking back and forward.

    Me and my girl are quite slim so it's hard to give you positions that we do but to be honest I am sure it should not make a difference. I enjoy to sit on my girl whilst she places to fingers inside while I bounce up and down. - we rarely use a strap on. We get into most positions our bodies allow us to. You and your girl should explore ;-)

    LEZZYLOVr Guest

    Thanks for the idea! We will definitely start exploring more. I hope others can give ideas as well!!!
  4. AceDizzle

    AceDizzle Guest

    I'm about the same size as you and my gf was slightly smaller, we used to do everything that Lilly88 said, everything was pretty successful, my favourite is me laying down and her on top and scissoring. I reckon just go for it and explore :)

    LEZZYLOVr Guest

    I thank you for the ideas!

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