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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by raymazing, Jun 25, 2013.

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    So I'm 22, never had a girlfriend before, dated girls in the past, always kind of knew that I was sexually attracted to guys but I was fiercely ashamed of it and I'm still kind of confused about it. So I had a guy friend come over one night, had a few drinks and one thing led to another, we ended up having sex. I remember feeling so weird the morning after and after about 3 more weeks of hooking up, I started to feel attached. He told me that he didn't know how he felt about me and that he was just looking to hook up. To figure out if I was gay or not, I soon hooked up with 2 girls and I found out I don't really prefer one over the other. I still question my sexuality now and i don't think I'll figure it out completely anytime soon. What I'm getting at is that I can't seem to get over this guy. I lost my virginity to him, and I understand he just wants to be friends, but I don't know why I still kind of like him...
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    Well its understandable that you feel a little attached to him because you do share that first experience with him. My husband is bisexual and when he opened up and had his first experience he too became a little attached. And it was hard when it ended. You will come to understand more about who you are and what you like as you get older and learn more of what you do and don't like will come more clear as you get older.
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    A great recipe for a good life is to curb down your enthusiasm.

    Yup. You have had a good experience with this other dude. He now wants to be friends only. That's his prerogative. You can go with it or not. That's your call. There are tons of other interested guys out there, so you have got more than a few options...

    Since the sex with the girls worked out just fine, there is no one out there to stop you from enjoying that kinda fun, too.

    My point here being that it all does not really matter. You are sexual. You are enjoying it as it comes. No need to spend any time analyzing it, and thinking it over. Things happen anyway. Why not enjoy them?


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