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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by saud2, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. saud2

    saud2 Member

    hi every body,,,,,,

    actually I have a question for you and plz everyone give me his answer according to his expeinces .......
    I am from one of arabic country and here I got problem to improve my self in speaking english very well....... what is the best ways to catch the language in this kind of society

  2. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Yea, just read a lot of English, and practice a lot every day.
    Anyways, hey there, and welcome to the forums! I'm Lauren :)
  3. saud2

    saud2 Member

    hi Lauren ,,, how are u? thanks for ur welcome and I hope to be friend for all hip members...... bye

  4. hamish...

    hamish... Member

    get down the pub man
  5. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    Hey, welcome to the boards. I'm Brie. Anyway, to get more into English, I'd say you should just read as much as you can, as Lauren said. It's the best way to be completely exposed to the language. Good luck!
  6. razy

    razy Fazed and Contused

    Hi saud2, hope you enjoy the forums.

    On learning English it would help to listen to english language radio stations (you can get them on the internet) and watch english language television.

    Good luck.
  7. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    The best way to learn any language is to live in a country that speaks it exclusively. It forces you to learn and remember it ;)

    But yes, reading in english, listening to english language radio and watching english language tv also helps :)

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