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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by miles12, Apr 23, 2007.

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    okay first of all, sry about this one because i just recently posted one like this just i have more quesitons:

    1: at under 18 what are the final rules for the coffeshops?
    1 continued: can an 18 y.o. buy the weed and then the rest smoke, for example a 17 year old?
    2: if 17 will an fake ID from work?
    3: can an 18 y.o. buy the weed and then take it somewhere else for his friends?
    4: any known coffee shops that are a little more leanent to the rule of 18 that will allow a couple of 17 year olds in???

    thanks, miles12
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    The reason is if an instpection happens to take place while minors are in the shop and they are found (and they will be) the shop will lose it's licence. And let me tell you that a coffeeshop owners most prized possession is their licence and will go to extreme limits to protect it for once it is gone it is gone forever.

    You would be doing everyone a dis-service by risking a shop it's licence by breaking the rules, don't be the reason that you got someone's fav shop closed forever. There are already too few every passing year.
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    really man follow the rules so everyone stays happy

    Peace Matt

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