Need a KY couch?

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by oleandermoonfyre, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. My husband and I are willing to let travelers use our couch for a few days at a time. We would provide meals, etc. to those traveling through. The only thing is, we take care of a mentally and physically handicapped man, and get paid by the state to do it. So we can't have alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, or drugs in the house. If you can handle that, and need a place to stay for a few days while passing through northern Ky, PM me.
  2. fee

    fee Member

    thats is a very nice guesture and I hope that I find myself taking you up on that offer
  3. hope to see you soon....
  4. masterkush419

    masterkush419 Member

    that is a super cool thing of you guys!! keep up the good vibes
  5. Jeph

    Jeph Member

    loven you guys!

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