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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Kujo, May 30, 2006.

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    I don't mean to waste anyone's time, but like some others here on the forums I am not having much luck finding employment in Portland. I have relocated from Florida. I tried doing as much research as possible but it's different when you actually get there. More importantly I need a place to live. Someone said that Portland was pet friendly. I'm not finding any truth in that. And since this is a place of free speech, I'll say that it's crappy when a single woman with pets can't find her own place to live. It's either too expensive, or the property owners want you to make 3 times the amount of rent before they consider you a qualified tenant. What's up with that? Job pay is usually crappy unless you're one of those with specialized training. I did not graduate from college. But I still deserve to work and make a decent living, don't I? I'm sorry for ranting. I am a hard worker, detail oriented (type A personality), I was trained for 2 months in customer service and I actually enjoy helping people and giving 110% of my effort and ability. I learn quickly at almost anything. I like varied experience so I have been a night auditor for a hotel, a pest control technician, an auto insurance csr, a phone surveyer, a call center operator, I monitored residential and commercial burglar and fire alarms (which I missed the deadline for the City of Portland Police and I'm really upset about that), and a host of other things and I'm only 28. To some it sounds like I'm not so goal oriented. But goals change. I change. And like I said, I love varied experiences. Any suggestions people? I'm all ears. Thanks.
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    [​IMG] Kujo check out it's a weekly free newspaper you can get out there & also online I think you might find somethings in there that might help you. Goodluck in your quest.

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