Nebraska Family??

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by Rainbowtoke, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Rainbowtoke

    Rainbowtoke Member

    Im looking for Family in the Omaha area. Im also needing to know if there are any potlucks in the Omaha area and if not is there any interest in holding them. I'm not finding much info online. Any help would be great. Peace!
  2. BennyKenney

    BennyKenney Member

    Howdy I have been barking up the same tree but havent treed it yet. I am on the outskirts of bellevue looking to get a weekly drum cirle going when the weather gets nice if you would like to help we can see what we can conger up good grub and good famliy will bring them in. hit me up at
  3. merlinclark

    merlinclark Member

    a good fire pit always helps. my friend Dan is from there. i havent seen him at a gathering in a couple of years tho. hope they didnt get him.
    good luck on focalizing that, it seems like a ripe idea.

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