Naturalist Guide/ Front Desk in Everglades

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by DwarfJuggler, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Come and work in the everglades! Learn about the flora & fauna, and help others understand the significance of this sanctuary. Looking for front desk staff for the summer time - a slow tourist time, when the storms flow in every day and the mosquitos are thick. A perfect time to learn as much as you can for the up coming winter season, when tourists are rushing in for bird migration, kayaking is superb, and the weather is 70's and never a storm cloud in sight.

    Also needing some help to begin a van tour program. Our company specializes in backcountry kayak trips, but in the summer time, we are switching to van tours to gain some relief from the bugs. Self starter and motivated, a lover of the outdoors, this person will run people from Naples to Everglades City, all the while explaining the everglades and stopping along at select board walks and museums.

    Visit our website @ or send resume to

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