Nationalism in Asia.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by famewalk, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. famewalk

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    All over Asia the nationalistic field for saring beliefs and conscience is not oppressed by religious motivations anymore. In Iraq we believe in our country as our onions do; long lve the king; that one I'll trust.

    Other places the thought of one's country is more regimented to break peace from the threat of revolted masses contained in marionate strings. Take Sri Lanka there is the trust in quick feelings of indoctrination with one's neighbour to know that you can and will trust Him over the police.

    In China we love our country for it's anticipation of liars and honest people portraying the truer wisdom.

    A paradox that democracy has nothing to do with nationalism.
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  3. famewalk

    famewalk Banned

    I suppose I was supposed to believe the Slumdog Millionaire mentality of cunning waste for those transcending principles of the Western Law. I just believe that the conscience was to communicate the will for taking the money for it's wealth at concerned sharing.

    '"I" am number one' is the western way because of globalization.

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