National Towel Day

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Zim_Reborn, May 24, 2006.

  1. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    Its short notice I know but wednesday 25th is national towel day.
    In order to comemorate one of the greatest comic genius' of our time ,Douglas Adams, we must remember to carry our towel.

    For further information go to

    Rest In Peace Douglas. You were the hoopiest frood to ever hitch-hike into the hearts of us all.
  2. TommyT

    TommyT Member

    So long Douglas :(, and thanks for all the fish!
  3. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    I wore my towel at work with pride today. Got some funny looks.
    I was dissapointed not (but didnt expect to see) any fellow towel wearers. I was even more dissapointed when no-ones curiosity got the better of them and asked why the hell i had a brightly coloured towel draped around my neck.

    ah well, i bite my (electronic) thumb to them
  4. melyn

    melyn Member

    ahhhh, if only i'd known, i'd heve worn my towel with pride.
  5. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    Free Towels For Everybody!!!
  6. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    I'll celebrate it on my own tonight while everyones up the pub and even though it was yeterday - well it's the thought that counts ain't it?
  7. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    i thought the best version of hitchikers guide was on radio 4 - the tv version was ok - but i like radio leaves more to imagine
  8. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    the books are fantastic also. the great thing about hitch hikers guide is that douglas had a hand in all the incarnations (he even appeared in the film as the warning message on magrathea) and changed it all around so that you get somthing new every time.

    Ive just had my first ever absinthe. my stomach is doing somersaults and my brain is doing a jig
  9. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    "the enciclopedia galactica mentions alcahol. It says that it is a olourless, volatile liquid and also calls note to its affect on certain carbon based life-forms

    the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy also mentions alcahol. it says that the best drink in existance in the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster the effect of which is like having your brain smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. the guide also tells you on which planets the best pan galactic gargleblasters are mixed, how much you can expect to pay for one and which volintary organisations exist to help you rehabilitate"

    Absinthe put me in mind of this topical quote (and yes i was sad enough to commit it all to memory"
  10. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    i get oozio mixed up with absynth and the spelling but oozio is greek and green ain't it? absynth - hmmm i know i tried it last year - ahha hold on is that licorice flavour? or is that oozio? aaaargh i cant remember.
  11. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    i'm on tramps cider - well hereford - not anything stupid like frosty jack - but its still pretty bad for your general well being - dunno why i keep buying it really.might still go to the pub but my mates is coming to visit from cardiff so i'm trying to put a load of music cassettes for when we go camping.I reckon its time to invest in a good mp3 player and some loud portable speakers.The only good thing about those crap old cassette decks is that when they melt by a campfire they still keep on playing
  12. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    i have a really great mp3 player. its called a laptop :D

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