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Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by MrChuffy, Jun 16, 2015.

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    I used to spend a lot of time in Nashville in the 90s.....I remember the great times had in the Turf Honky Tonk and the Music City Lounge down there on lower broadway.....If anyone knows where Elaine Neely might be these would be great to catch up....She used to be a bar maid in those two places and I think she worked in Roberts after the Turf and Music city lounge closed down....And also if anyone knows of a Tracy Rotan...who used to hang round lower broadway in the late 90s...long black hair..with a few tattoos and piercings....Other folk include Kristy Welch...and a girl called Lee Biggs who lived in Ashland City....and worked in printers alley Nashville as an erotic dancer at the brass stables...I would dearly love to find out life has worked out for her......Its all a bit of a long shot I know cos its quite a while back now....and back then the internet was not something a lot of folk sadly lost touch with them.....Thank you much....And my best regards to all the great folk and city of Nashville....from over here in the UK.

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