Name Your Fetish!!!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by MysteriousNight, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Don't be ashamed or embarassed!

    I have a nun and a hermaphrodite fetish. I like picturing my girlfriend with a penis!

    Share yours!!! [​IMG]
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  2. hmmm.... BBW's... god i love girls with extra meat on their bones... also somethin about girls with Chelsea's or shaved heads really turn me on... hairy chicks... thats all i can think of for now
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  3. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H Something Witty

    I definitely have a cum fetish... can't get enough of it... I recently discovered bukkake video...

    Not big on slathering up my face and all, but slathering up the rest of me, I am all for that!

    I wouldn't call this a fetish, but I HAVE been fantasizing about trying some things with other women lately.
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  4. Blood play and biting. Omg I gotta have it. Especially on my neck. It's like instant orgasm.
  5. FallenFairy

    FallenFairy Senior Member

    being freshly shaven all over having smooth skin, looking/feeling (at) wrists.

    BIGBEAR Member

    Womens undergarments!
  7. lol you and I are on the same boat! I really get turned on by the idea of covering a girl in cum... even if it takes many tries :p
  8. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H Something Witty

    And I suppose you also have been wanting to try things with other women?


  9. oh... forgot preggos
  10. aeshna5

    aeshna5 Member

    I've also got a thing about hairy women + I guess the fact that fewer women don't shave/wax now, makes a natural unshaven woman even more desirable- especially hairy legs. Ironically I also have this fantasy of a woman shaving the hairy legs of another woman- strange I know!
  11. ssj3gotenks

    ssj3gotenks Member

    you are the biggest m.i.l.f.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i am the official 1337
  12. ssj3gotenks

    ssj3gotenks Member

    A Mrs. H fetish

    and i "heart the fuck outta" females who are pwnz0rs...

    No but seriously, slightly second what mrs. h said except i don't do bukkakes and a certainly don't like cum being all over my body (well actually...) but anyway, that's one bad thing about pr0n - it makes you want to do things that if you dont do them you aren't satisfied and it causes relationship problems.

    So in conclusion, i don't do fetishes, but i really want a girlfriend who is moral and good-natured.. Attractive too but still you know what i'm saying... somebody that you can truly trust
  13. lol how did you know :p
  14. ThreeLionsFan

    ThreeLionsFan Member



  15. LegLover

    LegLover Member

    I'm such a simpleton, but I absolutely adore hosiery. Stockings/pantyhose/thigh highs drive me absolutely wild. Tights are better than pants, and in a pinch I find some socks on the right feet to be worth a double-take.
  16. I like tying guys up.
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  17. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    I tried that but couldn't get off on it - I have this strange desire to have sex with long haired women wearing thick winter overcoats,scarves hats and gloves.Oh and if they can impersonate the mewing of a cat - wicked.
  18. females wearing sandals. Even better if youre wearing nothing but sandals.
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  19. rosesforme17

    rosesforme17 Member

    I guess I am pretty tame and boring compared to some of the others I've seen. But I love to be tied to the bed while my man has his way with me. Though it's been quite a while. :(
  20. woodcat

    woodcat Senior Member

    I feel really inadequate,

    I dont think I have a fetish other than lots of sex.

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