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  1. Salutations,
    In the process of being new round these parts and just thought I'd say hello to all.
    My real name is Anna but I go by Aquene. I'm fifteen years old, but also a firm believer that age is just a frame of mind. I live in London, but if I'm forced to stay in this once place for much longer, I'm going to go from being tragically sheltered to terminally sheltered and I might become so institutionalized that I'll become an agoraphobic. I'm a bird. I need to fly.
    I'm a bit crazy (No, seriously, I am. I have schizotypal personality disorder) but that really just adds to the fun. Most people who know me say I'm 'detached' or 'quirky'. I'm not too naive to realize that they're just using euphemisms to avoid having to admit that I'm batshit insane, but I just take it as a compliment. The most important things to me are music, art, nature, peace, freedom, family, and undying hope. I love meeting new people, especially ones who have stories to tell, so come up and start a conversation with me, and I promise I won't turn away.
    My father and his sister, who is like a second mother to me, were both devout hippies, and I'm honored to have learned so much about life, love, music, and generally everything from them.
    I'm here because, much as I try to stay positive and true to myself, the negative energy of the modern society is really bringing me down, and I really need a refuge free of judgement, social stigma, and prejudice. I need a place where open minded people can express themselves in any way they want, uninhibited and limitless. I hope I've found it here, and I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed.
    Hope to hear from you all soon,
    Peace and Love,
  2. HippyLandscaper

    HippyLandscaper learning a new way

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you find what you are looking for

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