Mysterious Chemical Cloud Sickens Hundreds in UK

Discussion in 'Hip News' started by ZenKarma, Nov 25, 2017.

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    No one is admitting where it came from, but in August literally hundreds of beachgoers fell ill after inhaling toxic vapors wafting across the English Channel from France.

    "On Aug. 27, beachgoers at Birling Gap, a popular destination about 60 miles south of London, were enjoying a lovely day — until a haze engulfed the coastline, local police reported in a press release. People started getting sick — stinging eyes, difficulty breathing, vomiting — and ambulances were called." - MNN News
    Some folks went home and opened their windows to clear the air, then fell ill as it rushed inside as well.

    Read more at Mysterious 'chemical cloud' wafts over British coast, sickening hundreds
  2. wilsjane

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    The gas was almost without doubt phosgene (COC12) The most likely cause was illegally dumped refrigerants that would convert to phosgene in the presence on incandescent heat. R11, which is a liquid at room temperature would have been my best guess. A 25L drum somehow involved in a fire would have produced roughly the quantity of gas in this incident. Had R12, 22, or 502 been involved, it would have been stored in gas cylinders and someone would have noticed a fairly large explosion in the area.
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    Wilsjane, that solves part of the mystery!

    Now if they could find the culprit... perhaps it was someone illegally burning it to get rid of it.
  4. Avery Kelly

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    It may be some GENIUS scientist at Northhampton or Oxford who had a mis-reading of Time of the Comet and tried to re-produce the results on H.G. Wells version the sweet chemicals [which in this case exude from a NEAR-EARTH COMET] bring about the mass-hypnosis of peaceful maritime economics and law. Either that or this was a preface to the Russian dosing of the two turn-coat spies that were just treated at Salisbury....................
  5. GeorgeJetStoned

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    Could be red tide. The symptoms are similar if not identical. The facts it's a coastal area makes it even more likely. I have experienced this on the gulf coast of the US and it's miserable. It burns your eyes and you cough continuously.

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