My young hottie boyfriend has trouble keepin it up!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by niteowlchik, May 18, 2004.

  1. niteowlchik

    niteowlchik Guest

    OK I love my boyfriend tremendously and we have been together for a few months now. We had sex even before we got together and have it at LEAST once a day. I would say we are both attractive, from his point of view i am pretty sexy. Yet we have sex and its hard for me to have an orgasm because I feel that when I switch positions or even if I stop for one second he might go limp, and I am always concerned that he might lose it. This has happened alot lately where he is really hard then for some unknown reason he just loses it (his erection i mean). Then I proceed to go down on him and even lick his balls (sorry to be graphic) and he really likes that but it takes him forever to get hard. :( Usually, but not always, after a while he gets an erection again but it takes quite some time. I feel really bad and its not the fact that he doesnt satisfy me, its that I feel bad for him cuz he must be embarrassed. But then I think "whats the matter, is it me??". He seems to young to have a problem. Anyone gone through the same thing or have any advice??
  2. socialmachine

    socialmachine Member

    it happend to me alot the first time to, i think he just might be nervous about performance and what not
  3. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    its not the above he's probably really nervous...
  4. kentuckyfunk

    kentuckyfunk Member

    Well, On That Note, It Is Safe To Say That I Am Not Nervous Right Now........
  5. Nick

    Nick Member

    Is he drinking any alcohol before sex? I've noticed that its hard for me to get it up if I have alcohol....even just one beer. Being nervous does it too me too. Otherwise I can get it up quick. And I cum just as quick....LOL....someone help me with that!

  6. drewbee

    drewbee Member

    It wouldn't be relating to him cumming inside of you would it?
    Because That would be bad... unless you want a child.
  7. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    Try to relax more and not be worried and just go with the flow, maybe you will be able to achieve an orgasm...
    Why dont you guys 69 for a while and get really into it and then have sex. Maybe that would get you both very excited to where there are no problems..
  8. alpacas_r_us

    alpacas_r_us Member

    Sounds like he has a problem. Seriously.
  9. Mintaoism

    Mintaoism Member

    hmmm well...that is very odd...why don't you make interesting noises as you turn over...
  10. Spinner

    Spinner Member

    I know how your boyfriend feels.
  11. Can guys control the result of getting an erection? Sometimes that happens with my guy too....
  12. rainwater314

    rainwater314 Member

    well there a few tricks you can use....for one, buy a penis pump. It will enlarge him (bigger than he already is). Second, use a cock ring or even a semi-tight hair should be snug but not incredibly uncomfortable. The pressure from the scrunchie will keep him errect until ejaculation, and will make the time before ejaculation longer.

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