my visit to the Real Jungian Psychologist, sponsored by the National Psychology Found

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    my visit to the Real Jungian Psychologist, sponsored by the National Psychology Foundation

    I dropped out of school, and wrote a lot about psychedelics and philosophy on the internet, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, so I got disability which gave me a source of income, eventually these alchemists came to me, they just spoke in a really basic binary language, sun and moon, but they would follow me. everything became totally binary. it needed more complexity, it needed metaprogramming. I secretly was the center of focus for this town. they were like the program I was supposed to escape from. but the whole idea of it kind of just made me sick. they were treating it like it was a con and that wasn't fair. I was really sick, I didn't want to adventure. but the type of situation it was, made it all I could do in many ways. I felt more and more surveillance, and figured it was a training program. I had to describe what I was doing... I had to keep saying I had schizophrenia... I had to record the day to day events that happened... it didn't need to look beautiful. eventually it would cause an archon to appear, that could transmute some of the elements in my life. its all very slippery.. but it just has to be honest...they were treating it like a con, and like they wanted to stage illnesses, but I was already crazy so they made it more confusing. I had to give up just trying to ignore it and make cool art, to just focus on them for a while... there was a spirit there and it was about abusing government power, or to make me feel like a prisoner, there was a way to transmute it though, slowly back into something honest and wholesome, just a disease that can be lived with, without all the ego add ons. that's what I needed to focus on. they were trying to decide if I should be free or if I should be sent to the ghetto. they wanted some kind of signal. but it was also kind of like they were trying to make it seem like certain things that didn't matter did. so I just had to be intelligent. Eventually the foodstamps my parents got would and their sudden emphasis of the south turn into acid tabs and they would get high and understand. the whole thing was kind of rigged, like a game show. it was working with the psyche. but all i'de done was read one book by june singer, a Jungian analyst called Seeing through the Visible world. archetypally it was genius, and it looked kind of cool. it was mysticism. it was all alchemy, symbolic, maybe it would help the world... it was just weird that they wanted recordings so much, but I needed a psychologist. they never really got me one. I guess its you. You are Carl Jung. I'll come to you a lot and discuss the weirdness. its only a closed case in a pretend way, but in a way it truly is private. It needed to be done in this style for some reason, but I think it is all mysticism happening in the context of the psychologists office. its a native american type set up, they wouldnt have stopped trying to get me to see a doctor, or any professional kind of help, and just help me get marijuana to use as medicine (because i am allergic to other anti psychotic medications because of an irregular heartbeat, which causes neuroleptic malignant syndrome and I have a good reaction to cannabis) if it wasn't for that. My theory is, they are doing that because of you, because ironically, its never going to happen for me, this perfect psychologist, the most private is going to be viewable by everyone, on the internet, thats the only way to get the true healing. Yet in a way, maybe it is private in another way... but it just couldn't be so private that it was just anarchy where a doctor could do whatever... you must be some kind of medicinal aspect of the consciousness of the community, one that can keep it chill and actually heal me. This, is like Jungian shamanism...
    "I see..." - the Jungian
  2. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    I have a crush on Carl Jung...
  3. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    this is how you navigate the realms of western psychology friends... (he wants to feel like you're just using him for something else, usually money)
  4. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    Carl Gustav Jung was born July 26, 1875, in the small Swiss village of Kessewil. His father was Paul Jung, a country parson, and his mother was Emilie Preiswerk Jung. He was surrounded by a fairly well educated extended family, including quite a few clergymen and some eccentrics as well. One of whom was DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR - (throat chakra awakening)


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