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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by BlackGuardXIII, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Feb. 14th, 2004

    Valentines Day
    Of men who have a valentine, I’m luckiest because you’re mine.
    No other two hearts could combine to radiate as bright a shine.
    I know our love will never die and that it’s light will not decline.
    Your touches make me tingle and send shivers up my spine.
    You revive me and refresh me like a summer ocean breeze.
    And when I’m snuggled up with you I’m totally at ease.
    For you I get down on my knees, to pray to heaven pretty please,
    God bless our love and keep us safe, as we live out our destinies.
    Of no love until yours has my heart felt completely sure.
    And no one’s love for me has ever been this strong and pure.
    I went against what I was taught I was supposed to do.
    I dared to trust my instincts and they led me right to you.
    Someday we’ll have a family; this future’s what I see.
    We will both be loving parents. I am certain you’d agree.
    If we both choose to make it so, you know it’s sure to be.
    The thing that matters most, though, is for you to be with me.
    Eileen, my lovely valentine, I love you now and for all time.
    You fill my life with love and you’re the reason that I rhyme.
    My love for you grows every day; you’ll always own my heart.
    So if I’m granted just one wish, I’ll wish we never part.
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    I like the smart mix of rhyme schemes here. It's a heartfelt missive that's sure to please your sweetie. Write on!

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