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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by FrAnCioS, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Hi am welcome to to my Trip Report,

    12:30 (50) grams of fresh mushroom, So we start i mix the mushroom (40 grams) with water i give the rest to a m8 who puts it in soup so i chop them up and put them in water.

    12:45 We start drinking the water and his soup i start to feel a lil strange so at 1:20 i can feel them kicking in so i roll up a Joint the Joint realy relaxed me.

    1:30 Now feeling these Mushrooms kicking in and the vibe is good i suggest we put some music on so we did. I needed a piss at this time so i went to the toilet down stairs and came back up still not triping at this time of stage but i can feel it comeing. So another one of my mates goes to the toilet and me and my friend who also eating the mushrooms start talking so at that moment it kicked in. WoW the first thing i saw was his face turn into some type of lizard skin in the corner of my eye it was amazing so then i looked at the wall the wall was 3d it looked amazing. So we all start talking some more and for some ood reason i just wanted to smoke and smoke so i skined up another joint smoked that at now i feel realy fucked. My arms when i looked at them looked fukin huge so i thoguth wow nice stuff so we got some beer and we started driking well after that i went into a trance with the music. It felt like i was actualy there in a rave it was amazing i could feel all the vibes of the music each note every thing it was just an amazing feeling so i to lie back on the bed and i closed my eyes and all i could see was hands danceing fractal type every thing at this stage was prefect and carm. I started to play with a Rollup that was in the ash tray the tobacco was hanging out so it looked like a spider it looked fukin cool i could control the spider it had legs every thing.

    3:30 At this stage my mate was talking about going to bed because he had work the next day at the moment he said this i shit my self because i dident want to go home. At this stage i was thinking fuck whens it going to end i was realy worried then some crazy thoughts went throw my head i was worried at this stage because i dident want to go home. So my other friend started talking about how are we going to get home and this moment i said i will walk they said no man u cant not by your self. I said yes i can i felt realy angry at this point because i did not want to go and if i did i wanted to walk home and Try and get back to reality so i am ok when i get home. But its only 2 hours into my trip i thoguth to my self i realy need to get my mind fixed then all of a sudden i felt realy realy weird the room temprature sawed up i was starting to sweet like mad at the thought of going home and talking to my girlfriend. At this point i thought oh no im gona have a bad trip at this point my eyes where back in the back of my head lying on the bed. I all of sudden crawled up into a ball on the bed thinking i was gona die! my mates where worried at this point and so was i. I starting to feel sick and very dizzy so they gave me a bowl i tryed to be sick but i couldent i was so fucked so while im lying down thinking im gona die the music was playing and it was freaking me out. So 1 of my mates turned the music off at this point i felt relaxed but still not able to move i lyed down for another 5 minites. So my mate put the tv on then my mind came back to reality and all of a sudden i stood up they asked me if i was alright i said yes im fine now it was the music and thinking of going home did this. I said im gona chill for a bit then i shall leave they said ok chill so i chilled and i felt great i started to get my taste back in my mouth like i was comeing down at this stage i felt i could go home and talk to my girlfriend.

    4:30 At this stage i said come on lets go so we ordered the taxi the taxi took a little long to get here but it did so we said are good byes and we got in the taxi. As soon as i got in the taxi i dident want to get up but i new i had to but at this stage i was thinking i got money im gona ask him to take me on a long journey to random places and i will pay him for it. But i thought to my self come on lets go home u can do it so i did i got to my house and got out and got in my girlfriend was alseep but she woke up so i had to relax and said i was drunk. So i gave her a kiss good night and i went to sleep i sleeped but my eyes would not shut so i was wide awake looking at the wall enjoing my self. I eventualy feel asleep.

    6:00 I had to walk my girlfriend to work at this stage i was still kinda triping but not much walked her to work came home got some thing to eat and i watched the sun come up and then went to bed. Woke up and i felt relay carm and all i say to people out there is respect the mushroom and just enjoy your self.


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    what a crazy trip my friend
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    You should consider drying the mushrooms next time you get fresh ones. Could be beneficial.
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    Isnt it strange how even the smallest of worries can be amplified to the point of irrational fear while tripping on shrooms? I think thats why being comfortable in your environment, having no possible interuptions to your trip and sorting out any problems in your life that your mind might dwell on before you take them is so important. IMO the best environment and time to take them(the best experience ive ever had) is during the day exploring the countryside here in Ireland... I find that the whole adventure of trecking through woods/mountains/valleys with your mates or on your own is more than enough to keep your brain occupied and get the most Fun out of those little FunGuys!
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    being in the right environment is prolly the biggest thing i think about before im gunna do shrooms

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