my theory about the future,past and now

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by deranman, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. deranman

    deranman Member

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018

    I am never satisfied by doing the same thing over and over again
    there is somthing that is fun in the whole world I just don't know what it is(edited)

    if only I was a psyche like you guys
    then i would be able to read the future and what is fun
    but i can't because im not any of you

    Hamumu - 06/30/2018
    why does something have to be in the future to be fun? This is very strange

    SpaceManiac - 06/30/2018
    I promise I don't have the ability to read the future

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    because the past is over the fun ends once your already done it and you have to wait for something new to come out
    like I watched all the movies I wanted
    and now I have to wait for 1 year for new ones to ome out
    or if there isnt any new games or somthing
    we all wait
    unless we could time travel into the past and bring technology to from the future and increase the amout of ps2 games and olden day games
    sadly we don't have a time machine yet
    if we did, we would just press the reset button
    which will make us forgot everything and turn back into a baby
    I would not use that time machine
    because then I wouid have more da ja vu than before in the next life
    which is horrible because you can only do the same thing and not change the future
    The End!
    oh also the real ending is a paradox and loop because we would keep going back to that same time machine

    SpaceManiac - 06/30/2018
    Did you know there are video games about this?

    Hamumu - 06/30/2018
    well, that was much more than I bargained for for sure. But nonetheless, it does tell me that you DO find certain movies and games fun. So I feel less concerned about the universe collapsing

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    well there are games for certain things of what i said but nothing really about what i said.

    and also hamumu the universe could not and would not, because it is organized and well sorted and it is not random like a big bang theory.
    unless the universe was forced by human power or some other evil thing

    Reality - 06/30/2018
    This reminds me of my crisis - less with video games than with television shows
    I thought that the point of having boxed sets of tv show seasons
    was that if you had about 5-6 whole shows
    you would be able to forget the ones you started with
    and you could just cycle them for your entertainment needs in the future

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    you COULD do that, but then again if you want to go back the old one for fun, you must have a reason to do that or somthing you missed else it would not be fun to watch again if there isnt anything new or isnt a reason or isnt anything you made up for it to be fun
    like some reasons to go back old games are easter eggs,glitches,cheats,hacks,mods, or to make somthing new out of old
    like super mario 64 it had an online version made for it
    before that it only had single player and it wasnt very popular anymore
    untill some came along and spent some future time into it
    and made it a little fun again

    Reality - 06/30/2018
    So your problem is that games are good until you get to 100%
    and then the only thinngs left are to add things with your own input
    either self-imposed challenges, or glitch/hacking exploration

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    seems about right, romerix is doing the same thing with dr. lunatic supreme with vegtables
    and also editors for the games

    Hamumu - 06/30/2018
    the lesson you are learning is that creativity is fun

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    yes it is, but it we have things that block creativity
    like the tool we don't have or tech or things yet, like what about eeg mind reading program tthat can make any art you think of or create

    Hamumu - 06/30/2018
    only SpaceManiac can tell you about that, the rest of us can't see the future

    zohnlowper - 06/30/2018
    I have made ideas for inventions but I do not know how or who would do them for me. all i know is that The only solution I found was
    when watching other people or search for what other people do have and use
    Like there is a site called plot geneator my cousin used, I got my creativity back from it since it was new and had a way to create songs writings and more basicly for word and poems

    Androgeos - 06/30/2018
    Back when I was in Grade/Primary 6 (i.e. 16 years ago), I thought very similar to Reality - if I had enough video games, I could cycle through them for a fix. It seemed to make sense at the time, but as it turns out, the cycle is a lot larger than I expected. It's still getting larger with each passing month.

    Sometimes, ZENRON, if no one's making them for you, you'll have to make them for yourself. It requires a huge amount of motivation to pull off, but think of the benefits! You can decide how you want to make it, and if you don't like something about it, you can fix it right away.
    I faced this challenge when I was remaking Spooky Castle as a Supreme With Cheese world. After so many past attempts by others came and went, I decided I wanted to do it myself, and I more or less did.
    And right as you read this, I am deciding where I should go to for further studies next since my latest attempt at studying went up in smoke last week after 18 months of trying. You could say it was 18 months wasted, but I see it as 18 months of knowing more about myself and what I'm interested in.(edited)

    zohnlowper - 07/01/2018
    the only way to solve this time paradox loop thingy
    is to create a new form of robot humans
    or upload to the internet
    like the movie chappie
    whats gonna happen when the world war 3 happens
    or earth explodes?
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    future, past and present don't require theories, let alone conspiracies.
    but there are infinite directions from which they can be perceived.

    clocks don't measure time, what they do, is establish a non-subjective reference in relation to it.

    time itself, might well have all the dimensions of space, with the two not localized in relation to each other.
    one or more additional frames of reference, beyond space and time, might also exist of which this is also true.

    never trust anything that says "the only way to" x is y.
    this may SOMETIMES be true. but is just NOT in this universe, a thing that can be a stitistical majority of frequency, counted upon.

    if there's one unified theory of conspiracy, its people telling themselves and each other, that anything has to be known in order to exist,
    or that what does exist, owes anything to what anyone tells anyone else to think they know about it.
  3. You copying and pasting from another site?
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  4. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I think it's scripture.

    I don't like the name or sound of any of these gods.

    I must prepare for battle.
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  5. deranman

    deranman Member

    I do not understand this poem. please don't speak in poems!

    actually its a chat I had, zohnlowper is me

    and its froom good I finally found out this, its one of my biggest theories

    no these are not gods, LOL
  6. morrow

    morrow Senior Member

    Welcome back David..
  7. deranman

    deranman Member

    wait why did you say welcome back david???? do you have anything to add to this? if not here is some more part of the theory:

    I Now have to wait for the future or look for somthing new to do" which will take ages or maybe 1 year because what you did in the past is no longer the thing.

    you cannot and no longer feel the fun or what ever it gave you because its not new anymore and it's plain and been reused so many times. its like something useless once its reach the point of its end. thats the same with our life and movies,

    when you watch a movie and it come to the end of movie(not actual end of the storie) you will be like"wow that was fun but now I crave for more and that wasnt the full storie" or "NOOOOO the movie wasnt long enough" or"what? is there a part 2 or another movie?"

    and now life a life cycle of an animal say a fly, *wee I am allive* (next day) *dead* then lator to find out it had babies and did the same thing.

    I want to do somthing new, and maybe fix this so I don't have live a life of recycle events. but maybe WHAT IF a certain creature or person could revive that animal or keep it alive forever or change its path mutate and evolve and to stay different and not enter the path it has been given, that it may have free will to choose like humans.

    I am saying this because my dog died and I don't want the same for my cat. there must be more to life than this!!!!!
  8. Running Horse

    Running Horse A Buddha in hiding from himself with it
  9. deranman

    deranman Member

    how do you know? please give proof and evidence? and if there isnt more too it then what is your solution?

    I don't want people like: "Nothing matters; why bother?" ,"You have to agree with me no matter what!","lets eat and drink for tomorrow we die ","I am only interested in what I want"

    it will make it hard or is distraction and cna ruin anything I do if you or somone is not ready to be woke or open minded
  10. Running Horse

    Running Horse A Buddha in hiding from himself

    Ask Yog Sothoth. It will explain all.........
  11. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    Time travel seems very complex . If it's too simple the traveler could arrive in the middle of tree trunk that
    was or will be in that spot . Or even worse , you be in empty space where the earth hasn't arrived or used
    to be . Probably super-mind geometry will be required to calculate a safe journey . This may be why some
    people recommend mind-toward-god ... an in seeking the mathematics .
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  12. deranman

    deranman Member

    I can't if it from art and its just chatholo or what ever its called, its evil too I Would not

    is this the solution or??
    I might be wrong about this theory but in everyday life I have experienced it. and even online there is a website called paranormalis and talks all about time travel and has alot of things you can make which are dangerous
  13. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    considering as how its not a poem, might have something to do with that.

    i don't know who all these names you mention are. but i do know the universal wonder of strangeness does not require personification.

    i'm not sure i understand backing a horse cart through entropy either.
  14. deranman

    deranman Member

    ok I didn't uinderstand all that, because of those complicated words well atleats i never heard of or don't know what you mean and etc
  15. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    What do you experience ?
  16. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    That dividing line between love and hate is so narrow. :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:
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  17. Running Horse

    Running Horse A Buddha in hiding from himself

    Evil? Bah! The Great Old Ones do not trifle with such a trivial concept of good or evil. They are beyond such petty mortal concerns
  18. deranman

    deranman Member

    google says it part of a evil monster or its a mythology thinyg and google says it evil same on wikipedia ttoo

    time mix up,s i already said and showed what i experience if you read the whole post i made, i also get da ja vu and i get bored, else if i didn't experience it i would not get bored and new things would not get old
  19. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    As a young man I'd experience da ja vu , and because I was shy and worried too much I found it
    comforting . It would be boring now .
  20. neonspectraltoast

    neonspectraltoast Best Member

    Please repeat what your theory on the past, present, and future is.

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