My Sweet new bamboo plant.

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by hahaha04, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    Just bought a tiny little bamboo plant which i find trippy to look at from the get go so with psychedelics I think it would be even more wonderful. haha.



    You guys have any cool plants lol.
  2. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    I was going to get one of those but opted for a miniature palm instead.
  3. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    I love bamboo plants! They're pretty low maintenance.
  4. d0nny

    d0nny Member

    I got a poppy plant :/
  5. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    nice what kind?
  6. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    yep! Thinking about getting some cati as well ;)
  7. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    they have them in the china dollar store and a few other water plants, I dont get them anymore.. I used to tho..
  8. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    Ive got nuttin
  9. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    I got 6 acres of trees outside... Big ones.
  10. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    Indoors I have an aloe plant that I am pretty fond of. Outside I have a fig tree that has the best tasting figs when in season.
  11. slappysquirrel

    slappysquirrel Senior Member

    you should check out air-plants. they live in the wild here, but they require really low maintenance. just mist them once a day or whatever. they usually come glued to a cool statue or something like that
  12. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    Lucky Bamboo

    It is marketed in the developed world as a Chinese decorative plant "Lucky Bamboo" (although unrelated to Bamboo and not native to Asia), propagated from short cuttings, usually in water. Dracaena braunii has long been associated with the Eastern practice of feng shui. Lucky bamboo is believed to be an ideal example of the thriving wood and water element, with the addition of a red ribbon sometimes tied around the stalks which is believed to "fire" the positive flow of energy or chi in the room. The number of stalks also has meaning: three for happiness; five for wealth; six for health. (Four stalks are avoided since the word 'four' in Chinese sounds too similar to the word for 'death'.)[2]

    Keeping lucky bamboo inside house and business places is believed to bring happiness and prosperity and this belief has promoted a huge sales of lucky bamboo shoots grown in decorative pots.[3] In India, the plants are usually imported from China and Taiwan and resold in attractive pots and the plant has become most popular indoor plant in certain parts of India.[3]
  13. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i have two plants on my window sill, cloned and given to me by a friend / fellow forum member. one is pepperomia(?) and i forget the name of the other one. maybe i'll take a picture.

    we also sometimes have a store bought basil plant in a vase with water in the kitchen. we also grew our own basil in the window sill once. here it was.
  14. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    ha interesting thanks for the post. Im interested in getting a couple more plants. This one was i think $3.50 at Home Depot or something like that. Only needs watering every 7 days or so. That makes sense why it has three shoots in each little group :2thumbsup:
  15. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    sweet! how do you pronounce basil. Being from england originally i pronounce it bazil and most americans pronounce it baysuhl. Wondered how a canadian gent would pronounce it
  16. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    ha, thanks for the compliment, but i'm from ny state

    i say "bazil"
    where the A makes an A sound
  17. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever


    apologies. and huh interesting. not in a medical state i presume.
  18. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    canadians would say bazil, where the "a" makes an "eh?" sound.
  19. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    I have 3 bamboo plants, one is a spiral shaped plant. I wonder how they make it like that?

    I love plants, bamboo plants will actually get pretty big too.
  20. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    I had some peruvian torch but I left it with my mom to take care of and it died, so she bought me a bunch of cacti and they're on my desk.

    I've also got a small, flowering hibiscus tree, some aloe vera, lot of basil and a bunch of different spicy pepper plants.

    Nice basil plant porck! do you make pesto too?

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