my son still is asking to nurse

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by SucculentFlower, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Hiya Mommies out there~

    well it's been about 36 hours since my last dose of doxycycline to try and clear up an strange case of pneumonia and pleurisy. The forced weaning has been really sad and he asks so nicely if he can nurse. He's 2 1/2, so everyone(except my husband) is like... isn't it time to wean? We have always gone by: the child weans.

    I'm torn. I have been really sick, and my body dried up...I know that the doxycycline @ 100 mg has about a 12 hour half-life, so does that mean that it takes my body to clear the drug out in 24 hours?

    Is there still a chance that my breastmilk still contains the antibiotic? I tried pumping and got like barely a teaspoon out of both of them, after pumping for 1/2 hour...

    But my son sorta slipped in there a few minutes ago and was able to get some milk... how effective the mouth is over the pump. I am wondering after 2 minutes of nursing after a week of not being able to pump anything out, what has he done to his permanent teeth?!?

    Input is needed here desperately as I know I can stimulate more milk with teas and nursing but am terrified of the doxycycline still being in the milk. We aren't ready to wean...

    I'm going for a follow-up Monday, hoping that I don't have to go another round with the antibiotics again, as my symptoms aren't much better!

    Love Succulent
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    I have heard that it takes around 24 hrs for most medicines to leave the body and breastmilk. im not too sure if this is the case for you but it may be so i would try to hold off a little longer just to be safe and until then if your son keeps asking just bring him in you rlap and hold him close and give him a cup of warm milk. thats what i had to do with my son i had to wean him by my fourth month of pregnancy or else run the risk of losing the baby. He did good but each time he sees my boobs he wants to nurse and it just tears me in half its such a heart breaking experience. I defiently know that when i nurse my newborn i have no clue what i am going to do when aiden comes up and asks for a boob.
    sorry i couldnt give you more information and help.


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    I had a very traumatic birth (almost died)...lots
    of blood loss from an emergency c/section..

    I manged to breastfeed our son for one year...
    he seemed to be fighting me a little by that
    time....but evenso I was very reluctant to give

    Girl you have dont amazingly well to feed your
    child for so long...

    My intuition says...your illness has come at a
    time when you may want to wean your child.

    Be proud of have done well
    and maybe now the universe is telling you its
    okay to wean him now...:)

    This is the "message" I got through for you

    Hope it helps..

    Good luck...
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    well here is how it went:

    I found a link called where there are message boards and I found a posting regarding serious meds and having to wean and then restart.

    I think the drug was methotrexate which is a serious chemotherapy drug sometimes used to end non-viable pregnancies, and the posting there garnered from an actual MD states it takes 2-4 half- lives to clear out the drug from the breast.

    So it's been over 48 hours and the half life is 12 hours so hurray we started up again.

    Ya'll should have seen the look in my bubby's eyes. Such happiness, relief and contentment to be able to nurse again. He's a lot calmer than he's been the past week while I've been on all these meds.

    Yes, I understand that my body needed a break, but we are getting through this, and we can go back to nursing. He only nurses now at bedtime and in the morning upon rising, only for a few minutes, so who knows how much longer. As time goes by, he'll lose the interest to nurse... I guess other coping skills are integrated into the psyche.

    Thanks for the support. To be honest, I was very torn. The universe WAS telling me I was too sick to nurse, but my Son's Universe was telling him HE wasn't ready. So we coped with not being able to nurse, by daddy rocking him to sleep.

    We never planned on weaning him. We planned on him weaning himself as his cognitive development allowed him to do that. But we got through it, and got back to it...

    Now we are hoping to be clear of this whole deal Monday~

    Thank you for your love & and right back at cha~ Succulentflower
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    I'm so glad it resolved itself. And that your bub is back to his happy self. :)

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