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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by rebelfight420, May 30, 2007.

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    My sister wanted me to post this about gearge harrison here it is.

    When one tries to think about how to describe that single person who has changed their life forever, appropriate words are hard to come by.
    And that's the same exact thing that happens to me when I try to epitomize George Harrison.
    There are no words that can describe how incredibly talented, amiable, warm-hearted, and loving he was without selling him short.
    He went out of his way to see that everyone around him was happy. He never preached or told anyone what to do, but he lead by example. He didn't give when it was required of him, but when he knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do.
    Staying true to his beliefs and remaining unalloyed until the end of his life would seem like such an insurmountable odd for most in the music industry, but he did it.
    He did it regardless of fame, or if he could earn a quick buck here and there by selling some record that he could put out quickly.
    He put his mind, body, heart, and soul into everything he did in his life.
    He had to stand between (literally and figuratively) Lennon and McCartney for 10 years, and for an aspiring songwriter, that's a pretty tough spot. But he learned his craft and wrote some of the best songs that still can't be touched even today.
    He never wanted a solo career, he just loved playing music with his friends, he loved rock and roll, he loved guitar, he loved his friends and family, and he loved staying up all night, playing the ukelele until dawn.
    He was a man that lived every minute of his life.
    Years before Live Aid, George invented the idea of Rock and Roll giving back to the people, and organized the first music benefit concert in history, The Concert for Bangladesh. "All Things Must Pass" was the first album by an Ex-Beatle to reach number one on the music charts. He was the world's dear friend. He achieved much more than being a successful artist, he was a truly great man.
    "Blessed is He, who's fame does not outshine His truth". George said he tried to write songs that would still mean something years from now. And it's safe to say, that in spite of his immense fame, his truth will never be outshined or forgotten.
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    *puts on sitar music and lights up a bowlful of the Blessed Herbal Sacrament to Fascilitate Communion with the Ascended Beatles*
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    Yep, George is pretty cool.

    I really like his beard in the "Something" video.
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    Yeah, I love George...almost as much as I love Ringo.

    Aw, now I'm going to listen to "Within You Without You."
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    *falls down, rolls on the ground, smiles real big* Hopefully that was enough to express just how deeply I love George and wish I could have his babies. Instead, I shall hunt down his son Dhani in an attempt to have some Harrison offspring. What a beautiful human being...inside and out. George is my favorite Beatle, miles ahead of any of the others, in fact.
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    I've always favoured George of all the Beatles, despite the talents of the others.

    Why did your sister want you to post this thread?

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