My school is famous (maybe for the wrong reasons lol)

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by EazyE, Apr 30, 2007.

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    I'm all for promoting safe sex and taking responsibility. But if school officials gave any form of chemicals or medication to my daughter without my knowledge or consent, there would be hell to pay!
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    Well it's pretty obvious the parents weren't doing anything to promote safe sex.
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    Well, I know that here in Canadaland, at least in BC, you can get the morning-after pills without a parents' consent. Actually, you can do damn near ANYTHING concerning your own health without a parents' consent from age 16, sometimes younger. I've known a few girls that were on birth control from age 14 and nobody knew. I don't know if it's legal over there (or in the States) but here in Canada, it sure is.

    On that note, if they're handing out THAT many morning after pills, maybe parents should be consented.

    Here, you can walk into the health clinic (I know because I've done it) at any age without showing any ID, health care cards, etc. and talk to a nurse in a private office, she'll give you pamphlets on safe sex, planned parenthood, STD's, etc., a small paper bag full of condoms and those little one-use lube packets, any information that you need to get on birth control, and if you ask or are particularely concerned (not being on birth control, in case a condom breaks, etc) they'll give you a free set of Plan B (morning after pills) to carry in your purse "just in case". If you're concerned about pregnancy, they also do free tests, same with blood testing for STD's.
    And that's how I think it *should* be. Even for a free clinic, the nurses are extremely friendly and helpful, I've never known anybody that was embarrassed to talk to them, and they actually talk to you about things instead of just handing out pills and condoms and not telling you how to use them.

    Honestly, knowing the nurses and everything here (it's a small town, you can't help but know everyone)... I would rather my daughter/younger sister/whatever go talk to a nurse or social worker or counsellor at school, than have her pregnant at 15 because she's too embarrassed to talk to mom, doesn't want a lecture, etc.
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    I'd say its better they hand out the morning after pill, then 'punish' the girls by letting them get pregnant.
    I wouldnt say promoting the use of helmets, or first aid kits on people who have accidents on bicycles promotes; 'not looking both ways before crossing' 'stunt biking' or 'the unsafe use of bicycles'
    and i look at forms of contraceptives in the same way, sure having protected sex is beter, but whos to say they werent raped, or the condom didnt break, or that they're better off learning from their mistkae by becomming pregnant?
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