my ride bailed

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by kozmikbunny, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. kozmikbunny

    kozmikbunny Member

    anyone from the mid west going to ocala? im in detroit, i got a ride and she bailed on me, it was legit and from, but she hasnt contacted me in days, i brougth someone in from wisconsin because i thought this ride was solid, now were stuck;.. ill get down there however i can, just looking for some help.. thanks
  2. Professor Jumbo

    Professor Jumbo Mr. Smarty Pants

    Well I have no ride for you, but here is what you can do to get a free ticket. First off, in this process the cops will run your name so don't do this if you are wanted for anything. Most cities, especially the major ones like Detroit, have some kind of "travelers aid" program. Usually it is conducted by the police department through some organization like salvation army. The real idea behind the programme is that it helps get homeless people out of the city; but I digress. Here is what you do, go down to the local police station with a good story like "I need to get to such and such a place really soon, my friends ditched me here and my familky won't help me out". Don't mention any kind of travelers aid programme to the cops, just ask them if their is any way that they can help (cops like it when you ask nice for them to do easy things to help out). Now they will run your name so don't do this if you are wanted for anything. If they buy your story and your name clears they will get you either a greyhound or amtrak ticket to where you need to go up to a certain dollar amount and you don't ever have to pay anything.


    its true!!!!
  4. kozmikbunny

    kozmikbunny Member

    i just scrounged for a greyhound ticket, eeewww. it was a 28 hr drive. im on probation and have some unpaid tix etc. so that wouldnt have worked at this time, but OMG thank you for the info, thats such a gooood idea! thanks.

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