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Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by Silvine, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Silvine

    Silvine Banned

    This was strange. Really conflicting information here for this trip.

    I prepared 5 x 3.5cm buttons (I cut above the root and left the root to grow more buttons)

    The button did not taste bitter, (little alkaloids?), more green like fresh grass.

    I ate the second button 30 minutes later.

    This is when I lay on my bed feeling really tired.

    I did not feel comfortable eating the remaining buttons - yet still had a profound experience eating two buttons.

    Perhaps I could have eaten the remaining three buttons, but I was happy with two. It was enough. My impression? Deep trance, euphoria, peace.

    Two days later I ate the remaining three which had dried - little effect. Perhaps because they had dried out, perhaps because it was I did not leave enough time since the last time I ate peyote. I found the same to be true of mushrooms - if I eat the same amount within a week it is seriously less potent trip.

    I dunno why some people say eat 6-10 buttons. That would have fucked me up.
  2. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Because most people who do peyote want to get to the visionary level, at 2 buttons I'm betting you didn't really see much. I actually fell asleep for a little while when I did peyote and had all kinds of fucked up dreams. It's a weird trip, way different than LSD or mushrooms. You probably should have waited between taking them... man I remember this dude offered me some peyote tea once. I wish he would have taken my shoes as payment. lol I was flying high on the best LSD I have ever taken and had no money left. :-( Only able to acquire it one time after that.
  3. Silvine

    Silvine Banned

    They cost £15 each - so around £75 GBP for the two experiences.
    In my experience because I prefer to do spiritual work I find the peyote more suited to spiritual work.

    Perhaps I need to find a cheaper supplier.
  4. WeirdChild

    WeirdChild Member

    Peyote is not a drug, its a ticket for the paralel dimension, say the Huichol Indians. If you look thru it as a drug, you may be dissapointed, it doesnt work that easily, this plant is rarely found, its hidden in the middle of the dessert, the ceremony is just the aprovation of the Gods, after it, you have to "hunt the plant", if youre lucky, youll find one cactus, if you try and try and try and cant found one, then youre not allowed to do it... After you get it, get to the tops of the Huichol mountain and eat it... Open your arms, souls and mind, and the results will be amazing.... The universe was never so clear.... It is in my blood... it is deep in the soil... it is in our Mother nature, the meaning of the colliding world are for us....

    Health and Fire.

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    OR, you can just sit there listening to the drums make our hearts thump in unision ;)
  6. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    I borrowed my boy's djembe and I am clueless, I want to get a video or something to see how to make the different sounds. I can already do hand patterns from drumset but it's hard to apply that to the djembe.
  7. Silvine

    Silvine Banned

    Yeah I scored the buttons from which is a pretty cheap UK outlet I found on google.
  8. stalk

    stalk Banned

    wow, peyote's legal in the UK?

    That's amazing.

    America really ticks me off.
  9. SucculentFlower

    SucculentFlower earthfirst!

    It's a good sign from the Medicine that it tasted like fresh green grass for you! What a blessing.

    I myself eat about 4 buttons 1-3 in. across (if fresh green medicine is available at the time) about 2 times during a 10-11 hr. meeting then I usually eat some powder (1/4 teaspoon) 2-3 times and follow that with some warm peyote tea 1/2 cup, then I some time drink the powder mixed in the tea ( it's called gravy)... whatever is available and is being sent around. Sometimes I request another sip of the tea or gravy around 4 in the morning. And sometimes I'll take some with me in a jar if I have more than 4 hours to drive after sitting up all night and praying.

    Peyote is *Good Medicine*
  10. morrison1002

    morrison1002 Member

    I live in alabama. The closest thing to peyote i can get is mescaline. I think thats how you spell it. Well I want to try it and I want to grow my own peyote cactus. Any ideas on how I can or can some one mail me some buttons?
  11. bigman

    bigman Member

    Peyote Seeds Can Be Delievered To The U.s. Legally
  12. Mlynn

    Mlynn Member

    where could you purcahse them from? The seeds?
  13. freelove97459

    freelove97459 Member

    The reason your attempt 3 days later didn't work is because mescaline has a big tolerance thing, and you have to wait about 1 - 2 weeks. But during that time you can start bringing in the stuff you "learned" into your life :)

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