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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by DarkRose, May 25, 2004.

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    hey there.
    first i`d like to say hello to everyone, `cause i`m new here ;-)
    then to my first thread i want to show you this:

    Black rain

    False prophets talking about, our life our destiny
    Rainforest’s still alive, sounds like a joke an irony
    The air smells dirty we can all see pollution
    To heal the world, is not a game or an illusion
    We see the world hunger, not enough to eat
    We close our eyes, walking through the lonely streets
    Strange disease, there’s nothing, there’s no cure
    Cancer, aids and much more we know for sure
    Should we stay or runaway
    That’s the price we have to pay
    And then before we fade to grey, the message is love
    Sometimes we get angry, there’s no focus in our life
    When people get hungry, they gonna learn how to survive
    homeless people, concealed in the street
    With no hopes and no dreams, with no shoes for their feet
    How many guns they have to melt they have to burn
    Return to good sense, when will we ever learn
    Fighting this freedom, for everyone, for you and me
    I know that this world, is the place, for us to be

    love, DarkRose. :cool:
  2. o0child_at_nature0o

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    hello there darkrose much love dig ur poem,i love the first 5 lines the most oooo n the bit about 'how many guns they have to melt they have to burn' keep on writing i'd love to hear some more of ur stuff!!
  3. spicypisces

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    Hi, Dark Rose.

    I like to see teenagers writing poetry.

    Yours is good! Some of your imagery is well-honed. Keep it up!

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