my new tat and some questions=)

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by x_WaX_x, Jun 21, 2006.

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    i just got it done yesterday (tuesday), it was my first tattoo ever, i'd been wanting it for years...the guy was really nice and explained everything but i have terrible memory lol.

    okay so here goes the questions

    if it were to get infected, would i know by now or could it get infected like 2-3 weeks later?

    what is it supposed to look/feel like if its infected?

    is it normal for it to still be red and sensitive?

    how long will it be tender/soar for?

    am i supposed to wash it everytime i put A&D ointment?

    am i supposed to keep putting A&D for 2 weeks or what?

    if it scabs, is that a bad sign?

    Oh, and finally, yesterday a few hours after i got it done, i fainted...i don't know if its related, it could be dehydration or that i'm loosing alot of iron(that time of the month hehe) and not eating enough of it...i don;t know, but i was wondering if it could be because of the adrenaline rush and coming down and all that?

    ummm thats about it.

  2. x_WaX_x

    x_WaX_x Member

    anyone? lol
  3. Scabbing and the sensitivity it normal. DONT!!! pick the scabs or the color will come out. You should wash your tattoo before you put the ointment on it or else it will just trap in the bacteria. Your tattoo shouldnt get infected if you just take care of it. Theres a very small risk of it.
  4. Fainting is fine for tattooing, it doesnt increase the risk of infection so youll be just fine. It will be sore untill it heals.

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