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    After seeing my Korean neighbor off and on again for a year or so, I have finally gotten her to become my Mistress.

    Not long after we met, I had already admitted to having a foot fetish, which she thought was weird at first, but eventually she grew to enjoy having me massage and kiss her feet. I also let her know that I like wearing stockings and heels sometimes, too, which shocked her at first, but then she thought it was cute and funny to ask me to do sometimes. We both wear the same size shoe, so whenever she'd get a new pair of heels, she'd ask me to wear them around the house to stretch them out for her. I liked doing that, and it amused her to no end to see me walking in her heels.
    Then about a month ago, I asked if she would like to try spanking me. She was very hesitant about it at first, nervous that she would hurt me, but I promised her that I liked it and I would be okay. So she smacked me with her belt a few times before we had sex, not much, but it was kind of exciting. Last week I asked her if she would do it again, and she surprised me with her enthusiasm. This time she laughed and swung the belt around and around as she smacked my ass with that it, and after I asked her if it was enough (my ass was stinging), she asked if she could give me just 5 more lick? Of course, I let her, and she really smacked me hard.
    Earlier this week, I was texting to her about our plans for this weekend, and she straight out asked if she could spank me again, this time harder and longer. Of course I told her yes. And then she told me that she has other ideas she'd like to try, but didn't know if I would like. I asked her what ideas, and she asked if I would try to play as her slave when she comes to see me on Sunday, by dressing in stockings, heels, panties and skirt and cooking her dinner, serving it to her and then massaging her feet as she eats. I agreed, of course! She said it would be exciting for her. I wanted to see if she would go further, so I "jokingly" told her that if I am to act as her slave on Sunday, maybe I should call her Mistress (ha).
    She didn't answer for a minute, and then she texted "Yes, call me Mistress Julie"
    I was amazed, and then she texted "slave must obey his mistress, and you will be my slave"

    So tonight when she came over, I didn't initiate anything, just wanted to see what she would do. For a while, it was just normal - She sat in my living room watching TV for a bit, and finally, she looked at me and said, "So....slave, why aren't you getting dressed as we planned and cooking my meal? I'm hungry!"

    My heat skipped a beat, and I said yes Mistress Julie. She made me go and change into my black stockings, black skirt, black panties, black patent belt and her old patent heels. I didn't have a top, so she had me wear my black t-shirt. She stuck a flower headband in my hair and applied red lipstick and then she giggled at me and took pictures.

    Then she ordered me to the kitchen, where I cooked her spaghetti (which is what she asked for), brought her a plate, and then she pointed at her bare feet and told me to massage them while she sat there.

    I did, happily. Then she noticed the dog collar and leash that I had "accidentally" left on the bar hoping she'd notice it. I had bought the collar and leash a while back but had never shown it to her.

    "what is this?" she exclaimed, going to the counter and picking it up.

    I told her I had bought it for fun, but had been shy about telling her about it.

    She wasted no time.

    "get down on your knees, slave" she told me, and when I did, Mistress Julie collared me, and attached the leash. Then she started walking towards the door, pulling the leash.

    "follow me," she ordered, and as I started to get up, she jerked on the leash and ordered me to get on all fours and crawl behind her. She jerked on the leash hard as I followed her to the door, where she made me put her black patent heels on her feet and then follow her back to the living room. This was the first time I've ever been on a leash crawling behind a set of shapely legs in shiny black heels - wow, what a lovely sight!

    She sat in the chair and pointed to the floor in front of her, telling her I belonged there on my knees when she sat. Then she held the leash and started taking more pictures of me down there on my knees before her. She lifted one foot to my face and told me to kiss, then took a picture as I kissed the shiny toe of her shoe. She took more pictures of me kissing her bare feet and legs.

    Then she ordered me down on all fours and led me to the bedroom, attached the leash to my bedpost, and made me lean over my bed with my ass in the air. She removed the patent leather belt from my waist, and started spanking my panty-covered ass with it. She told me to stick my ass out more and smacked it harder. She was really enjoying this, swinging the belt around and around, and I was starting to cry out a little by the time she stopped and pulled the back of my black panties down and laughed at how red my ass was. She took a few pics of my ass, and then told me to get ready again, as she started on my bare ass with the belt.

    Finally, she had enough, and she laid down on the bed, telling me to stay there kneeling beside the bed, kissing her legs all over. She just laid there smiling down at me as I kissed her legs, knees, ankles, feet, and finally up her thighs. She turned towards me and opened her legs, and I started kissing the crotch of her black lacy panties. She moaned and finally told me to get on top of her, but not to remove the leash from the bedpost.

    We fucked for the next hour or so in various positions, and she never let me free of the leash. She used the leash to hold onto as she rode me, pulling hard on my collar as she bounced on top of me. She came a few times before she finally told me that I could cum. I pulled out and came on her belly as she held onto my collar with both hands. When I finally finished cumming, she smiled and asked if it felt good. I said oh yes, and then she snatched down on the collar as she told me that now I have to move down there and lick her belly clean!

    To be honest, I was hesitant to lick it up, having lost the urge when I came, but she stuck to it and insisted that I do it. So I did it for her. Knowing that she was making me do it made it exciting! I licked her belly clean....

    Afterwards she was asking me how I liked it. I told her it was amazing, and she said she really likes having me as her slave. She said she really likes the collar, and that it means that I belong to her. She suggested that I buy a pink heart-shaped tag that says, "Julie's slave"
  2. I fucked a guy a few times who loved to dominate me. I found it exciting at first but as he got more violent with it, I lost interest and I ended up being quite scared of him. I think these situations only work if the two participants have equal respect for each other- and he didn't respect me. However, it seems like you two have the balance right:)
  3. crpa1971

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    Thanks! I think so too - neither of us is interested in abuse or extreme pain. Should be fun!
  4. LatinoHeat

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    So you are both married?
  5. PlacidDingo

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    I believe this is a different use of the word Mistress, in a sub/dom sense.
  6. crpa1971

    crpa1971 Guest

    Ha, no, neither of us is married. This is the sexual role playing definition of Mistress.

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