My man wants to be dominated... Ideas?

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by MorriganDubh, May 28, 2013.

  1. MorriganDubh

    MorriganDubh Guest

    My man & I were talking about new things we could try & I found that he wants to try being submissive. We usually act ass equals in sex, but we're going to start playing with the idea of a dominant role in the bedroom - make things more exciting. I'm totally down with being submissive myself, but being a dominant female in sex will be a bit different for me.
    So, I'm looking for ideas & help! What should I try? What are good positions? We aren't going into major dominance waters yet, so no crazy things right at this moment. Just actions & moves to ease us both into it! Thanks :)
  2. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    You could put a leach on his neck (I'm not sure I spelled that right). You could do some face sitting. You could demand a strip tease from him to you. You could crouch hovering above him, as if you'd do cowgirl position, but keep hovering and demand that he moves his hips high enough to fuck you. This one would be even nicer if he was tied down. You could stand, one foot on a chair, and tell him to lick your pussy from below. You could demand him to massage you, or to lick your feet. You could demand him to masturbate himself by rubbing on a part of your body. You wouldn't help him. Again, a nice variant of it is to tie him up first.
  3. MorriganDubh

    MorriganDubh Guest

    I quite like the sounds of tying him down & forcing him to do the work... I'll be definitely trying some of these things!
  4. MorriganDubh

    MorriganDubh Guest

    I wouldn't mind other ideas too... What about spanking? & what sort of language would I use, etc.?
  5. My man wants to be dominated as well. Although the roles have definatly been switched lately (which was something totally new to both of us). I spank and have a strap on with him, call him dirty name, etc. I'm a bit more submissive than him and it was a little odd to me at first but sometimes it is nice to switch roles. I've thought about getting sexy lil outfits and riding crops and such.
  6. Nightbreeder

    Nightbreeder Member

    Speaking as a guy who likes just the sort of thing you're describing, I'd agree with pretty much everything Just_a_woman suggested. Face-sitting, light bondage, strap-on sex, and spanking are all great in my book. I enjoy my wife slapping me across the face when we're really getting into it, as well as brief choking - just enough to get the heart pumping. Go with whatever language suits you and your man - you'll have to figure out what turns you both on. But I like being told what is going to happen to me, in as foul-mouthed detail as possible. Just have fun - knowing that you're into it will be a huge turn-on for your guy.
  7. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    When I do it I tie my guys up either with leather or handcuffs and I assert myself on then either forcinh them to lick me or hurting them with my riding crop and legs. I always dress up for it too. I find the more I enjoy the more the guy does.
  8. Sirsexnight

    Sirsexnight Guest

    I wish my wife was willing to be dominant or let me... She fucks me all the time, but won't Try new things
  9. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    Watch some films with dominant women in them she might get inspired
  10. I don't know you two and what you are into, but I will tell you what I like and you can go from there. First off when doing this, it helps more than you can possibly imagine to dress the part. This sets the mood and helps you automatically get your head in the game without doing anything. My wife wore black patent leather outfit. She had thigh high black hooker boots that zipped all the way from the ankle to the top. They were a 6" platform heel. She had a little paddle that said ouch on it and that imprint would be in my ass if she spanked me hard enough. She also had a riding crop. You can get these at any novelty store or She would talk down to me as if she was so much better than me and tie me up. She would poor hot wax on me. She would stuff her dirty panties in my mouth or put a ball gag in it. now, you don't have to pour wax on him, but make him think you will. make him beg for you not to. Always make sure to have a safe word. Down the road you can pee on his face or do like my wife did and that was use a strap on with me. She also would dress me in her lingerie. She filmed it and blackmailed me with it. She threatened to show everyone. She would straddle my face and make me east out either hole. She even would make me suck her strap on. make me lick her boots. Once she had the video of me she could make me do anything. It was very erotic. She even stuck a tampon in my ass and filmed that as well. If you decide to do that, push it in as deep as you can. That way you can feel it, but it doesn't hurt being in there. Well I hope I helped, if you have any more questions contact me via e-mail..

    (mod note: don't do stupid things like posting your email.)
  11. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Tie him up & do what ever you want to do him that turns you on & see how he reacts to them. You get nude & rub yourself against him but you stop short of having sex with him. Then you do it again & gradually give him it but make him get very aroused so he demands his testes are freed of cum.
  12. Hi there, I have found a fantastic shop called Erotica Belle they have shops in Andover Hampshire, Bournemouth and Weymouth which is in Dorset. They have a selection of new products which might give you and your man ideas. It might be worth having a look with your man at there website. I found that we started off with handcuffs and whips and have now recently purchased a Rubber Paddle.

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